When to Ask for Help

Although some people seem to be able to sail smoothly through homeschooling, most of us have challenges that we need to face.  There are situational obstacles such as a job change that requires the family to relocate. Sometimes there are financial setbacks due to a job loss and these can impact a family in unanticipated […]

When to Ask for Help

How to Get Unstuck in a Stuck World

I’ve been stuck this week!  And, it’s not the first time. Sometimes that stuck feeling lasts for just a few hours, and other times, that feeling has lasted for months, perhaps years. For those that know me well, this may come as a surprise.  I know that from the outside looking in I appear to […]

How to Avoid the Top Ten Mistakes Made by Homeschool Moms

Homeschool moms can quickly develop bad patterns and head down a path that leads to the “wrong destination” and an “end result” that we never intended. How do I know? I’ve made many of those mistakes as a wife, mother, and homeschooler. But there’s also good news! Just knowing the mistakes to avoid can give […]

Broad Stroke Perspective

During a baby shower I hosted  recently, I passed out cards for mothers in attendance–asking them to share something they would have done differently if they had it to do over again. After the shower was over, and everything was cleaned  up—I sat down to thumb through the advice cards. I was shocked  to find most of mothers I […]

Broad Stroke Perspective

The End in Mind Conference

It’s easy to lose sight of what is really important with all the demands on wives and mothers.  That’s why The End in Mind Homeschooling Lifestyle Conference was born.  With sessions that include topics relating creating your own personal homeschool lifestyle, working from home, and organization, to topics that cover homeschooling philosophy, methodology, special needs, learning styles and more, The End in Mind Conference will help you begin your homeschool journey, or begin it again, with the end in mind.

For more information, please visit The End in Mind Conference!


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