The Importance of Margins

When we teach our children to write, part of that process involves instructing them to leave spaces between words and sentences.  We show them how to leave some space empty on either side of the page, and in some cases we use paper that has a line down the left side to provide a kind […]

The Importance of Margins - By Melinda Boring

Lighten Your Workload

It seems a Momma’s work is never done. From the moment our feet hit the floor, most of us never stop moving until we collapse sometime between dinner and the late show. For many years it was diapers, feedings and loads of laundry. Our minds were filled with meal plans and making time to grocery […]

Lighten Your Workload - By Lorrie Young

Letting Go and Staying Close

Regardless of their differences and unique choices, homeschoolers have one thing in common. Homeschoolers love their children and like being around them – most days, anyway. Life is not always blissful and homeschool children don’t always behave perfectly. I know, because I’ve been there myself! We tend to forget about the bad days and feel […]

Letting Go - By Lee Binz

“If He Were Just…”

   What if the main complaint you heard from your husband about your role in the home was “I just wish my wife was more of a successful home economist?”What would that mean? What exactly would be that job description? Would it mean that you needed to be a better cook—more frugal shopper–more organized—a better […]

If He Were Just... - By Karen Costello

Homeschooling and the Gifted Child – Part 2

In the first part of my series on homeschooling gifted children, I pointed out some of the difficulties inherent in the idea of giftedness. In this part, I want to discuss some more nuts and bolts aspects of teaching a gifted child. Now you may have picked up already that I am not a huge […]

Homeschooling and the Gifted Child - Part 2 - By Elizabeth Curry

If I Would Close My Mouth…

One of the most valuable outcomes to come out of all of this STEM discussion is the amount of free, quality resources are now available to encourage students in the maths and sciences.   Our daughter and I have been enjoying one such program, a project-based engineering curriculum.   As an introduction to each lesson, the authors […]

If I Would Close My Mouth - By Belinda Bullard

Laid Back. Really?

Have you heard the term “laid back homeschooler”? Maybe you have heard it referred to as “relaxed homeschooling”.  I do not have personal experience with this type of homeschooling.  In fact, if you were to ask any of my now adult children if we were laid back homeschoolers, I guarantee you they would emphatically say, […]

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