How our Homeschool Journey Began—One Stubborn Family’s Story

To be honest–I NEVER once considered the option of homeschooling. I don’t think I ever knew anyone growing up who was home schooled–neither good nor bad examples. Both my husband and I went to public schools, and while I can’t say I ever loved school–I tolerated it, like many–not really giving thought to the possibility […]

How our Homeschool Journey Began—One Stubborn Family’s Story

College Admission: No GED Required

“Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away,” homeschoolers thought they needed to get a GED in order to go to college. In the past, colleges in the US sometimes required the GED of homeschoolers in order to provide financial aid. But that’s all in the ancient past! Since 1998, US law states […]

College admission no GED required

Parenting and Education – Beginning with the End in Mind-Season One, Episode One

  In this episode we delve deeper into what it means to begin with the end in mind with the journey with our families…specifically parenting.  Beginning parenting with the end in mind isn’t about setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves or our children.  It’s more about seeking out what God has called our individual families to […]

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