If I Could Do It All Again – Reflections on 22 Years of Homeschooling

My heart is full. In fact, it is overflowing. Last night was our final Choir Concert and Conservatory Showcase for the 2015/16 school year.  It is one of my favorite events of the year. Why? Because this event always seems to showcase the growth that students experience over the year.  But in many cases, I was able to watch students… Read More

The First Step in Designing a Homeschool that Works for You

Are you considering homeschooling but overwhelmed with the choices AND voices out there?  Have you been homeschooling but just haven’t found what really works for you?  Or, have you been homeschooling but know that you need to redesign and revamp to an approach that works for your entire family? The way in which you design (or redesign) your homeschool is so… Read More

Designing a Homeschool that Works for You, NOT Against You – End in Mind Podcast

There is so much more to life than homeschooling, and so much more to homeschooling than just doing school.  Yet, it is easy to let homeschooling take over your house, your home, your family, your schedule, and yes, even your attitude.  While homeschooling is indeed a lifestyle, it should be an addition that enhances your life, not one that rules… Read More