A conference with a different twist!

Yep…that’s what The End in Mind Homeschooling Lifestyle Conference will be.


Mark your calendars now!

The End in Mind Homeschooling Lifestyle Conference

March 6-7

Denver, CO

Skyview Church

More details available soon!

Date: March 6, 2014—March 7, 2014
Event: The First Annual...End in Mind Homeschooling Lifestyle Conference
Topic: The End in Mind Homeschooling Lifestyle Conference
Public: Public

Snippets: Purposeful Little Investments in Your Children

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Snippets Purposeful Little Investments in Your Children

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Navigating college admission requirements can be intimidating, especially for homeschoolers. Big words, scary phrases, acronyms … it’s hard to cut through the code of admission policies! But take heart, once you break down to see what’s behind all the edu-speak, usually you will find college policies are fairly reasonable. Let’s look at some admission policies […]

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