How to Listen to a Podcast if You Don’t Know How to Listen to a Podcast! :)

I know…I know….Life is busy…Technology seems complicated!…BUT….listening to a podcast can be SO easy and open up a whole new world of information and encouragement.

Someday, when I have some time, I want to make a video similar to this…but based on the challenges a homeschool mom faces when trying to figure out technology and specifically podcast technology.

But, for now…watch this video….(or read below the video) and see how easy it is as this sweet 85 year old woman demonstrates.

AND if you don’t want to watch the video, check out their post here!


Discovering and Celebrating Your Child’s Uniqueness – End in Mind Podcast, Season One, Episode Two

God created each of us for a unique purpose and that includes each of our children.  There isn’t a parent out there that won’t agree that each of his or her children are very unique from one another.  If we truly believe that we were created in God’s image, then the unique combination of gifts, […]

Thank God for Dirty Laundry

Can you just imagine the big, stinky pile of laundry the Pilgrim women faced on their first “wash day” once the Mayflower finally reached land? After several months at sea, and with so much sickness on board, the foul smell must have been unbearable. I remember my own wash days being especially loathsome when my […]

Thank God for Dirty Laundry

Dogs in School

Dogs make great companions and they can contribute to a family in many ways.  When my children were young our dog was a great source of amusement.  He didn’t even have to work at it.  The dog, named Shadow, was a black lab boxer mix who quickly figured out that the best place to be […]

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