I Didn’t Learn Friendship from My Mother

My mother disclosed unhappy news today. Fifty years ago, she made a friend who taught her, newly wedded, how to grocery shop and who later taught me, newly mothering, how to magically burp my newborn son. And today that long-time friend had a heart attack and passed away.  My mother said, “I can’t tell you what she meant to us… Read More

Redeeming Ruby: A Dad’s Homeschool Project

“It’s a nutshell pram.” Our oldest was still in the womb when I first heard my husband utter that phrase. We were at a wooden boat show because Michael was in the thick of restoring a 1962 Windjammer sailboat that had been badly damaged in a hurricane. In just two months we’d face the life-changing onset of parenthood, and I… Read More

Am I a Nag?

As mothers, there are many ways in which we hope to be remembered by our children after they are grown and gone. Perhaps they’ll recall us being the best neighborhood mom because we always passed out popsicles to their friends, and had Band-Aids for everyone’s boo-boos. Or maybe they’ll remember the cold snowy mornings when they snuggled with us in… Read More