Let It Shine

Holding small, battery-powered tea candles in their chubby little hands, my two daughters sang along to “This Little Light of Mine” as we sat in the dark. They were ages 3 and 6, and “light” was the big topic of the week in our homeschool. After the song, I read aloud Matthew 5:16, in which […]

Let It Shine - By Diana Barto

Time Me!

Ready, set…go!  Have you noticed how children love the anticipation when they are at the top of a slide and you say those words?  Their faces light up with obvious eagerness as you prepare them for that downward slide by saying “One, two, three…go!”  As soon as young children can string those words together they […]

Time Me - By Melinda Boring

The Power and Process of Journaling – The End in Mind Podcast, Season Two, Episode Six

Journaling has been such a big part of my life.  My journals have recorded my life, my growth, my struggles, my prayers, my worries, my ideas, my dreams, and my blessings. In today’s podcast, I’m doing my best to convince Danielle of the power and potential of journaling.  I’m sharing tools, methods, processes, as well […]


Proven Formula for Parenting Well

To be quite honest, when we brought our first son home from the hospital I would have loved an owner’s manual that told us exactly what to do, and when to do it. Very quickly I realized no amount of books, podcasts or wise parenting friends could prepare us for the adventure we were embarking […]

Proven Formula for Parenting Well - By Lorrie Young

Don’t Forget Course Descriptions!

Have you been procrastinating about putting together your homeschool records? Don’t forget about course descriptions! A great way to prove the rigorous nature of your homeschool is by writing course descriptions. Course descriptions are especially valuable for college-bound kids because colleges want to know exactly what was taught and how rigorous the nature of those […]

Dont Forget Course Descriptions

Lessons I Have Learned on This Homeschooling Journey

Isn’t funny that I thought when we started homeschooling, I was prepared for my children to learn, yet I never expected to be the student many days. With God as my teacher though, He has taught me so much on this journey, and most of it has nothing to do with academics. Sometimes we forget […]

Lessons I Have Learned on This Homeschooling Journey - By Karen DeBeus

The Importance of Mommy Margin – The End in Mind Podcast, Season Two, Episode Five

Many people talk about things that they would do differently if they had a “do over.” That’s been crossing my mind a bit lately as I face an empty nest in another 15 months or so. After 22 years of homeschooling, I’m starting to gain some perspective…and although I don’t really have big regrets, there […]

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