The Importance of Spiritual Rest

I am the mother of an active three-year-old girl. There are lots of things my busy little bundle of energy loves to do, but taking her much needed daily nap is not one of them. Each afternoon around one o’clock, a series of unpleasant events unfolds as tiredness overtakes my daughter. She becomes cranky, tearful, […]

The Importance of Spiritual Rest - By Andrea Thorpe

When You Want to Quit

I had had it this year. Something about homeschool, sibling quarrelling, and my own emotional state made me feel as if I had to quit homeschooling. Honestly not had to quit but really wanted to quit. I needed time away from all of this because it was too much. I lost my purpose and my […]

When You Want to Quit - By Angela Parsley

Put That Bag Down!

This article is designed to be of help to you as a parent as well as to your growing children.  As a mother of two children with learning challenges that impact their organizational skills and their ability to remember details, I know too well how frustrating daily events can be.  For example, if it takes […]

Put That Bag Down - By Melinda Boring

Rethinking Boredom

It seems as winter drags more and more ideas for busting boredom in kids seem to be finding their way into my inbox. In fact I did a quick Google search, and 465,000 articles came up in less than 5 seconds! Now, don’t get me wrong I am not against the cute ideas on Pinterest, […]

Rethinking Boredom - By Lorrie Young

Step Back from the Edge: You Can Homeschool High School

I reached one of those milestones in December that homeschooling mothers dream about… my oldest daughter graduated from college. Not only did she graduate early, but she graduated magna cum laude and has the tassels to prove it. Normally, I don’t really care about grades and such, but I have to admit that this is […]

Step Back from the Edge You Can Homeschool High School - By Elizabeth Curry Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...