The Thing One Lives to Do

Summer catches my breath for so many reasons: Gardens bursting with color that I started from seed, just-right warm breezes at sunset, and the great plays in Little League that surprise me with joy while I do my time in the stands. Everything takes on a fresh life and the mission of our days transforms […]

The Thing One Lives To Do - By Debra Anderson

Lord, Strengthen My Hands!

Life can be challenging at times. This is fact is clearly evidenced in our discussions with family members and friends and even the quickest glance at local and national news headlines confirms this fact. Every single day people all around the world are challenged by difficult life circumstances. And many times these challenges rise up […]

Lord, Strengthen My Hands - By Andrea Thorpe

Treasures for Pre-Teen Girls

“She is always sitting with her little nose burrowing into books. She doesn’t read them, Miss Minchin; she gobbles them up as if she were a little wolf instead of a little girl. She is always starving for new books to gobble…” That’s how Captain Crewe describes his 7-year-old daughter Sara’s love for reading in […]

Treasures for Pre-Teen Girls - By Diana Barto

Making Movement Part of Your School Day

I’d like to make a motion to include movement as part of every school day.  Who seconds my motion?  All of the children do!  Some harried home educators are fighting every day against fidgeting, excessive energy, and distracting movements of one kind or another as they try to teach their children.  Some students are so […]

Making Movement Part of Your School Day - Melinda Boring

If Momma Ain’t Happy…

Over the spring our small group went through a bible study called Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges. Bridges shines the light on sins such as unthankfulness, discontentment, pride, selfishness, anger, gossip, and many other sins that seem more acceptable than the blatant obvious sins. As we worked through the book I had many take-aways, but […]

If Momma Ain’t Happy… - By Lorrie Young

Painting a Portrait with College Application Essays

The thought of writing college application essays may fill your child with dread, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Think of each essay as a love letter to the college. Combined, these essays will show the student’s full feelings for the school of their choice. Yes, each essay must be a technically perfect, […]

Painting a Portrait with College Application Essays - By Lee Binz

Making Tough Decisions Easier

Lately, we have been in the beginning stages of planning for a new school year. This next year for us will be unique in that it is our first year that we will be homeschooling at the high school level! With that comes so many emotions…one of the biggest, is the awe that we are […]

Making Tough Decisions Easier - By Karen DeBeus Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...