Making a Graceful Exit

  Initially, the church had felt like the perfect home for their family.  Great preaching, great music, the right balance of opportunities and a growing community.  But with a change in church leadership and a deeper involvement in the activities of the church, they felt a shift in priorities and direction that they just weren’t comfortable with. Nothing was really… Read More

Challenges Bringing Your Child Home – EIM S5E3

When you make the decision to bring your child home in order to homeschool, you will encounter certain challenges, both for you and for your child! Listen below for this week’s End In Mind podcast. Acknowledging these challenges, and knowing how to overcome them, is so important! Links referenced in this podcast: Playing With Blocks of Time 12 Days with… Read More

Faith & Fantasy: A Testimony

Myth. Fairy tale. Fantasy. These words may bring a wary feeling into the minds of Christian parents, especially parents of preteens and teenagers. There’s a good reason for that. Today’s society has made the fantasy genre a minefield for the target audience of young adults. The stories flooding the shelves of local bookstores make darkness seem enticing. The worldviews and… Read More

A Right Start To Homeschooling – EIM S5E2

When you see “a right start,” you’re probably thinking this is about how to choose a curriculum, or how to get your kids geared up for a new school year, or how to structure your year… But this important step needs to come before all of that–you need to invest in yourself. Not necessarily weekly manicures, or regular Starbucks lattes,… Read More