15 RIGHT Reasons to Homeschool

I’ve heard a few people say recently that they “don’t want to homeschool for the wrong reasons.”  I have trouble fully grasping that statement.  I mean really, what would be the wrong reasons to homeschool?  While I’m still racking my brain on this one, here are 15 right reasons to homeschool your children!

  • The salvation of your children is important to you.  By homeschooling, your children will have the privilege of learning and growing in an atmosphere in which God is allowed!
  • You care about your kids character.   It would be nice for them to actually know the meaning of the word {unlike a certain homeschool mom who is writing this article–that only learned this definition once she started homeschooling her own children…she’ll remain nameless.}
  • You don’t want strangers teaching your child, let alone driving them on a big yellow bus.
  • You understand that proper socialization does not occur in an age segregated/peer dependent environment.  Exposure to many age groups, in various configurations is true socialization.  Besides, who grows up and works with thirty 35-year olds–who all wear the same shoe brand?
  • Choosing what and when your children learn certain subjects is important for you.  Want to teach your 8 year-old algebra, or your 12-year old needed a little more time to grasp a subject?
  • Family values are vital to you, and you’d like your children to keep them!  Family ministry, meal times, giving, work ethic, compassion and mercy—these values raise up world changers!
  • You believe that your child should have and enjoy childhood.  Reading a stack of books while laying on the trampoline, soaring on the tire swing, strollers full of baby dolls “doing school” beside your student; childhood doesn’t wait.  Sadly, many children in these days and times skip it all together.
  • Your kids have unique desires and talents.  You want to hone their abilities and lead them to the path that God predestined for them. No cookie cutter academics or teaching only the test in homeschool.
  • The world is your classroom and that formal education is just the beginning to life long learning!
  • You desire your children to all grow in relationship with one another.  Siblings actually becoming each others best friends.  It’s beautiful.
  • If you believe that God gave you these kids and you have to answer for your time as their parent.  Homeschooling is taking the high road.  Homeschooling is living out discipleship.
  • Bullying, peer pressure, safe sex strategies, drug campaigns, and political propaganda are not lessons you need your 6-year old too learn.  And believe me, these are daily exposures outside of homeschool.
  • You enjoy taking your children on stimulating outings like the orchestra, hiking, Creation Museum and more. Better yet, you call these activities just another day of homeschool.
  • Modeling how to handle real life difficulties and disappointments, like if your van breaks down late at night, from a Godly preservative is important to you.

What are more RIGHT reasons that YOU would like to add?

Jamerrill Stewart is the daughter of the King, and wife to Travis of 13 years. They have five beautiful children so far, ages 6 months, 2, 5, 8, & 11. By dawn of the morning, she works out the joys, struggles, blessings and challenges while authoring Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling. When she’s not lost in a wonderful book with her children, taking them on a travel adventure or catching frogs by their pond, she likes to garden, write and collect stained glass windows.

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38 thoughts on “15 RIGHT Reasons to Homeschool

  1. Great list of reasons to homeschool. I think there were a handful of things we know we didn’t like about how things were going in public school for our kids, but the benefits of homeschooling your children, many of which you listed, weren’t even apparent to us until we got started and realized how much of the mold of education we were able to break out of and refresh in our kids’ lives.

  2. You get home schooled too!
    Things you didn’t know how to do when you first begun the homeschooling journey you learn.
    It’s only my second year and already I’ve learned how to:
    >Live the fruits of the spirit: LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS and SELF-CONTROL. All VERY important in a home school environment and still learning! LOL
    >Be organized and plan ahead
    >Learn to schedule and have a routine etc… It’s wonderful!
    When people say they don’t have the patience to do it I explain that doing it is the best way to learn those skills and I’m sure glad I did!! PLUS being home and enjoying the girls company everyday is the best part of it all, and worth it.

  3. Thank you SO much for this! I have 3 kids (4, almost 3, and 15 months) and I’m 17 weeks pregnant with #4. I’ve been set on homeschooling since I had my first because I felt it’s what the Lord wanted me to do. I’ve been wavering recently due to fear and seeing how hard it is to just do preschool with 2 kids (when I try and teach my 4 year old, my almost 3 year old always throws crazy tantrums so I bought a little book for her to do which in turn makes the older one mad, UGH), stop fights, keep others busy, take care of the home, cook meals, ect. This article reminded me of why I wanted to home school in the first place. I’ll be continuing to pray about this situation and that the Lord would allow me to not look at the storm I see brewing around me but to keep my eyes on Him so, with His help, I can make the proper choice :-)

  4. Thanks for this post, I totally agree with those 15 reasons. I am a 1st generation homeschool mom in her 2nd year of homeschooling. My kids are 7 & 4, so we have many homeschool years ahead of us! I think more parents would love to homeschool, but are afraid. They are afraid of educating their child, and afraid of what others would say about the choice they made. As homeschoolers we need to share theese 15 reasons with those who are interested in homeschooling but just not sure about it.

  5. Wow, a friend sent me this link! I am a newbie to homeschooling. I did homeschool my daughter in Kinder. then decided she should be in public school and she did Great until we reached middle school this year, we took her out and she is doing an online school and loves it! But my little guy is struggling in public school is having to repeat 1st grade. I wasn’t planning on homeschooling him but it seems that God has planned that path for me! I am looking forward to taking the pressure of public school off of his shoulders. I have an amazing support group of friends who will encourage me when I need it! Thank you for this list it was just what I needed to see.

  6. Thank you!! I just had a conversation yesterday with a good friend of mine who is a Special Education teacher and she suggested that I am doing my daughter a huge disservice by homeschooling her. My daughter presents with some mild learning issues that require some adaptation and patience on my part. Sometimes I forget that I am doing so much more then the school could ever do for her. I have been very restless about the conversation and opened my email to find this list. A reminder from God that I AM doing the right thing. I love your blog! Thanks~

  7. Shelly, I’ve been told the same thing by “experts” in special education; one of my sons is “too gifted” and needs special support that only PS could give him…and another child has learning struggles that again, only PS could support him properly. I always go back to the fact that I am the mother that the Lord has chosen for these children. And yes, like you, I adapt and pray for large amounts of patience.

    Thank you so much for your reading!

  8. I would like to add that we know our children better than any P.S. could! We know there strengths and weakness! Why is it so “weird” that siblings actually enjoy each other! That’s the way God designed family……

  9. perhaps if you used some of those Godly preservatives on your children, they wouldn’t sour when they go out and use the tire swing :)

  10. Yes, thank you Dana for pointing out my typo of “souring” instead of “soaring.” I’ve emailed the editors for 2-days for them to correct the one letter that is incorrect. :) I’m so thankful though, besides my total and complete imperfection, that the Lord can still use this article to touch the hearts of those who need it. Blessings to you. :)

  11. I respect your desire to homeschool and to do it well. However, as a Christian mom I am raising my kids in a public school system. I realize that instead of sheltering them in the safe haven of our home, I am opening them up to things that, yes, are scary, and yes (gasp) they have to interact with strangers. Everything I read in the Bible says to stand strong in the faith amidst persecution and oppression, and not to run and hide. I believe that there is a lot of life experience, though uncomfortable, my kids must come face to face with in order to face a world where God is not.

    Once again, I respect those who choose to homeschool and I can appreciate the amount of work and effort you put into your children, but I have a hard time when homeschool is defined as the only way (or the best way) to raise Godly children. There are some of us trying to be lights to our world. Your list is great, but keep in mind that there are lots of moms out there desiring all of the above, but choosing to be lights in the darkness (and hopefully raises little lights!) There is value (and work and effort too!) in this.

  12. I think there is a LOT of good reasons to homeschool. You asked in the beginning of your article “what could be the wrong reasons to homeschool?” And I thought of this article I read. I’ll give the link below. But there are many wrong reasons to homeschool. And anyone (homeschooler or not) is capable of losing sight of what’s important in parenting. here’s some of the wrong reasons to homeschool: depending on formulas, over depending on authority and control, over-reliance upon sheltering. here’s the link. http://www.joshharris.com/2011/09/homeschool_blindspots.php

  13. Thank you for this! I have prayed, over analyzed, and just plain stresssed over my desire to homeschool my two children. I’ve finally come to the conclusion, that while education was important to me (and I will work very hard to ensure I am giving my children the best one possible..) my desire isn’t for them to be the next Einstein. My desire is for them to know God, and to serve Him. My oldest is 3, so we’re preschooling right now, and it has already been a blessing!

  14. Teachers are now he biggest influx into the home school venue, and one of the reasons they give is that they do not like the type of socialization their kids receive in public schools.

  15. I really appreciate the article and it definitely gives encouragement to families who are homeschooling. I would like to add that the article was not written as a debate. Each family has their own decision and reasons, whether spiritual or non-spiritual, as to why they choose their choice for their children’s education. I have endured many who negate why I should homeschool my children. “I shouldn’t shelter them” “They won’t be socialized” and many more comments. I realized that the reason they choose to educate their children through the school-system is their choice, not mine. I choose to homeschool for the reason God has put on my heart. Enough said. I believe God works for the good of those who love him, no matter where your children are schooled. With that said, I love homeschooling! I appreciate sites that encourage homeschoolers and give us that added inspiration to continue to do so. For those here that are not homeschoolers, please remember that we come here for encouragement, not the remarks that we already hear from the majority. If you can encourage, add, and inspire…Amen. If not, please remember that encouragement is why we’re here.

  16. I love these reasons. After all is said and done about standard of education, safety in schools, etc. none of that really beat the most important reason: discipleship. I know families where both parents work and kids go to school. Marriages are falling apart and on weekends the kids are sent to visit grandparents or friends so that parents can patch up relationships. When do we make time for our kids – our greatest responsibility? Thanks for this real, honest and to the point post.

  17. As usual, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your article!! I agree wholeheartedly with all the reasons above and I am sure as a homeschooling community we could grow the list to be over 1,000 RIGHT reasons. I also love the link to your article on your blog about the gift of time. That is the first blog post I read of yours and immediately loved your heart for Jesus and have been a blog follower ever since. Bless you dear sister!

  18. Chandra,

    I respect what you’re saying but would add this: it’s wise to shelter a young plant until it’s ready to be out in the harsh rain and wind and sun on it’s own. It’s more so for our children to be protected. Being a light is wonderful and you’re very noble in your cause! I do feel that sending your children to a godless environment for 35-40 hours a week and then (in most cases, NOT saying yours in particular) hoping that 1-3 hours a week of Sunday School will make up for it is folly. In my view it should be the other way around; spend the majority of time in discussions on what the Lord would want for your children and then have them be the light because they are so saturated with it.

    I hope that you and your children stay blessed in the Love of God and are able to be the beacons that God intends them to be.

  19. Love this list! I agree with all the reasons, and after watching my younger sister who is 13 and what she deals with in public school, those reasons are even more solidified in our mind. We decided to homeschool when we were pregnant with our now 2 year old, and we’re so glad we did. It’s such a joy to watch him learn and grow, and knowing that I will be his teacher all the way through his school years.

  20. I’v been trying to convince my parents to homes-chool me and my brother because of so many bad situations going on, this would really help in my argument. Don’t worry, I know the legal situation, I dug up all of that on google and other search engines, etc. Thanks for these good reasons, God bless you!!! :D

  21. Just found this via pintrest. I see it’s from over 2 years ago. God allowed it to come onto my pintrest feed because He knew this is exactly what I needed. I knew that I needed to home school my oldest (currently in 4th grade), but I was feeling like maybe I shouldn’t home school my younger son (currently in Kindergarten). I’m very involved in my younger sons school and was partly not wanting to stop being involved there. Also, he does not struggle the way my older son does. However, lately, the Lord has been having people say little things that has been making me think strongly about my own selfishness, my children’s spiritual needs, and my Biblical mandate to teach them The Word. This article solidifies everything! I hope it continues to help parents praying for God’s wisdom.