15 RIGHT Reasons to Homeschool

I’ve heard a few people say recently that they “don’t want to homeschool for the wrong reasons.”  I have trouble fully grasping that statement.  I mean really, what would be the wrong reasons to homeschool?  While I’m still racking my brain on this one, here are 15 right reasons to homeschool your children!

  • The salvation of your children is important to you.  By homeschooling, your children will have the privilege of learning and growing in an atmosphere in which God is allowed!
  • You care about your kids character.   It would be nice for them to actually know the meaning of the word {unlike a certain homeschool mom who is writing this article–that only learned this definition once she started homeschooling her own children…she’ll remain nameless.}
  • You don’t want strangers teaching your child, let alone driving them on a big yellow bus.
  • You understand that proper socialization does not occur in an age segregated/peer dependent environment.  Exposure to many age groups, in various configurations is true socialization.  Besides, who grows up and works with thirty 35-year olds–who all wear the same shoe brand?
  • Choosing what and when your children learn certain subjects is important for you.  Want to teach your 8 year-old algebra, or your 12-year old needed a little more time to grasp a subject?
  • Family values are vital to you, and you’d like your children to keep them!  Family ministry, meal times, giving, work ethic, compassion and mercy—these values raise up world changers!
  • You believe that your child should have and enjoy childhood.  Reading a stack of books while laying on the trampoline, soaring on the tire swing, strollers full of baby dolls “doing school” beside your student; childhood doesn’t wait.  Sadly, many children in these days and times skip it all together.
  • Your kids have unique desires and talents.  You want to hone their abilities and lead them to the path that God predestined for them. No cookie cutter academics or teaching only the test in homeschool.
  • The world is your classroom and that formal education is just the beginning to life long learning!
  • You desire your children to all grow in relationship with one another.  Siblings actually becoming each others best friends.  It’s beautiful.
  • If you believe that God gave you these kids and you have to answer for your time as their parent.  Homeschooling is taking the high road.  Homeschooling is living out discipleship.
  • Bullying, peer pressure, safe sex strategies, drug campaigns, and political propaganda are not lessons you need your 6-year old too learn.  And believe me, these are daily exposures outside of homeschool.
  • You enjoy taking your children on stimulating outings like the orchestra, hiking, Creation Museum and more. Better yet, you call these activities just another day of homeschool.
  • Modeling how to handle real life difficulties and disappointments, like if your van breaks down late at night, from a Godly preservative is important to you.

What are more RIGHT reasons that YOU would like to add?

Jamerrill Stewart is the daughter of the King, and wife to Travis of 13 years. They have five beautiful children so far, ages 6 months, 2, 5, 8, & 11. By dawn of the morning, she works out the joys, struggles, blessings and challenges while authoring Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling. When she’s not lost in a wonderful book with her children, taking them on a travel adventure or catching frogs by their pond, she likes to garden, write and collect stained glass windows.


  1. Helen says

    Thank you for this list. I have considered homeschooling my son when he turns 5, at the latest 8. (We live near a small Catholic school, and as we are Catholic, we will try sending him there, first. Reviews from conservative Christ-centered families there have been overwhelmingly positive.) I want to homeschool him so I can protect him from all the sewage being spewed in our schools. Liberal ideology is a higher priority than reading, writing, and arithmetic, sadly. I also think our public schools do a disservice by retaining teachers who cannot teach, and believe me, having worked in schools, I have seen some of the worst teaching imaginable.

    One reason that I had not considered before was the last- learning how to handle disappointment. Thank you so much! May God bless you and your family!

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