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Archive for June 13th, 2012

Homeschooling Me – Pt. 5, Learning to be Flexible – Financial Limitations


Financial Limitations

There were times during our journey that we experienced financial limitations and during some times extreme financial stress.  I will admit that I did not always handle this type of stress well.  In fact, more often than not, I failed this test.  I kicked and struggled against the restraints I felt that God was putting on our family.  In my mind, I told myself that I was struggling because I wanted to provide the best for our children.  In many ways, that was very true.  However, at the root of my kicking and screaming was the fact that I did NOT like being told what I could and could not do.  Once I laid down my rebellious heart, I found that it was during times of financial limitations I found my greatest creativity.  I couldn’t afford the materials and books that I wanted to buy so I had to think of ways to do the same type of activity, or provide the same type of experience but do it without spending money.

I learned to use the library and reserve books well in advance of our needing them.

I learned to use Amazon, online used book sales and used curriculum sales to get textbooks that I couldn’t do without.

I looked for free online resources.

I shared books, classes and instruction with friends who had similar goals and interests.

I bartered services in order to allow my children to participate in various activities that cost money.

I taught the group classes that they needed myself.