This is what dreams can do to you

It is not enough for you to daydream in your thought life about the things you’d like to have as goals. 
A goal must ultimately be a statement of intention.
~Charles Stanley

When you start dreaming about your life and your goals; the excitement will keep you up at night.
~Jenny Penton

I am going to show you more on how to create life goals for you and your family. Your goal pages in the Planner Perfect planner are exciting; they beckon a dreamer to make their dreams come alive! 
If you’ve ignored your heart of its dreams, now is the time to listen. If you’ve been caught up in your motherhood and had decided that you should put yourself on the back burner for the sake of your family, I want you to change your mindset. 

A mother who is living a life full, complete, and with balance includes herself on life’s journey. It doesn’t mean you neglect your family; on the contrary. You are taking care of yourself and listening to the call God has put in your heart. Listening to what God has planned for you will go right alongside your motherhood and you’ll be a better wife and mother for it. You will be invigorated and excited; using your gifts and talents God has given you. I’m a mama of seven. And homeschool. And take time for my personal goals. I make the time and you can too!

If you’re not sure what your talents are then begin to pray that God will reveal them to you. 

I’ll never forget when God pressed upon my heart how He wanted me to use my talents. It was in the middle of the night and I was jolted out of my deep sleep. My mind was wheeling full of ideas I wanted to pursue! I couldn’t sleep! 

This is what dreams can do to you  

So get in those planners and start writing down your life goals. Life goals can include:

Your family’s goals:
learning experiences
homeschooling goals
your children’s learning goals
activities you want to pursue with your family and each member
home management. dinners, laundry days, meal planning, baking days, cleaning and organizing, wardrobeholidays

Personal goals:
your health
your skin, hair, make-up, body
how you’re going to use your talents; your gifts
your personal goals, how you can be stretched and taken out of your comfort zone
spiritual goals
and the list could go on and on.

Remember that these goals will be broken down into months so they can be better achieved.

Use fun colorful pens, and don’t forget to pull from some of your activities going on in your calendar and write the details. So if you’re hosting a book club on the 13th of October, write the details for it in your month’s goal pages! 

Have an amazing time friends using the Planner Perfect Method to script your life goals and create the life you want!

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Jenny is a homeschooling mama of seven, blogger, speaker, and the creator of the Planner Perfect planners and Method. Her passion is to inspire women to live with purpose and intent; switching focus from task slave to goal aficionado. Her blog, eBook, Planner Perfect planners, and its Method will transform your life by teaching you how to better manage your home, get organized for good, set personal goals, and follow your dreams. Planner Perfect is for women in all seasons of life, and hope to inspire you to be all God created you to be and find joy in everyday life. Jenny also has a tasty food blog, full of meals made from scratch, kid friendly, and fabulous meal tips to keep you organized in your kitchen. Jenny’s blogs are full of homeschooling and organizing tips, kid-friendly meals, how to set goals, resources for moms, and chalked full of inspiration to live with intent. You can find Jenny at and

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