500 Writing Prompts for Kids Review

One of these things is clearly NOT like the other, especially to today’s kids.

Wouldn’t it be great to assign essays to your kids and have them jump for joy? Homeschooling parents all hope that their kids will naturally have a talent for writing. Like all skills though, writing really does take practice.

That’s where 500 Writing Prompts for Kids can help.

Written specifically for kids in the first through fifth grade age range, the e-book 500 Writing Prompts for Kids by Brian Cohen replaces the dread and drama of getting kids to write with fun and imaginative prompts to get those pencils moving. The prompts are open-ended and designed for kids to use as a journal entry or even perhaps as a research project.

Here are a few examples:

73. What is your favorite time of the day and why? Is it right when you get up in the morning? It is

lunchtime? What do you do during that time that makes you enjoy it so much?

178. Some of the best writers in the world are song writers. They come up with the lyrics that your

favorite singers turn into #1 hits or that they use in popular musicals. Write a short song on whatever

subject you choose. Don’t worry about the music behind it, just write the song and see how it turns out.

266. What are five things that you like about the Internet? What are five things that you dislike about the

Internet? If you had the choice, what would you change to make the five things you dislike about the

Internet much better?

As a homeschooling mom, I liked 500 Writing Prompts for Kids for the wide variety of topics. The e-book is broken down into 10 different sections with varying titles such as Imagination, Activities and The Outside World.

One big drawback I did find was that the e-book is heavily rooted in questions that pertain to kids that attend school and that would not be applicable to homeschoolers.

For example:

3. Do you remember your first day of school ever? What was the school like and what did you feel like

when you walked in? Were you scared? Were you confident? Talk about your whole first day from

beginning to end.

41. What is the most memorable assembly you’ve ever had at school and why? What did you and your

friends say about it after it was over?

The e-book also contains questions that might make parents uncomfortable such as:

96. You have a big crush on someone but they don’t like you back. While searching around on the

Internet you find a recipe for a love potion. You make it for your crush and he or she drinks it. Does it

work? How do things change between the two of you after using the potion?

Overall though, for thelow price of $2.99, this e-book really is a helpful resource. And with 500 writing prompts, no family would use all of the prompts anyway, so editing out prompts for your family would still leave you with plenty of writing prompts for your kids.

Even the best authors in the world fear the blank page. By using books like 500 Writing Prompts for Kids First Through Fifth Grade by Brian Cohen hopefully our next generation will be filled with writers that are full of creative and insightful ideas that they can’t wait to put down on paper.

Some homeschool specific questions from the book provided by the author:

1. What are five ways that a home school is different from a school outside of your house? What are five ways in which a home school is the same?

2. Have you ever met someone your age that went to public or private school? How do you think this person was different from you? How were you the same? If you have never met someone your age who went to public or private school, imagine a conversation between you and someone you might meet in the future.

3. What are some of the best reasons to go to a home school instead of a public or private school? What are some of the things you might learn at a home school that you wouldn’t learn at another type of school?

4. Tell a story about your favorite day at home school. Make sure to include details of what you did, how you did it and who you did it with.

5. What are some of the things your mom,dad or other guardians have to prepare to teach you and your family? Write a story from your home school teacher’s perspective about getting ready for a day of teaching.

6. What is the wildest home school field trip that you have ever been on? Where did your family go and what did you do?Why was it so different from a typical day?

7. When you grow up, do you think that you’ll home school your children? What do you think the subjects you’ll have the hardest time with? What are the subjects you think you’ll enjoy the most?

8. How do you think going to a homeschool was different 50 years ago from how it is now? Imagine that you had dinner with a kid from 50 years ago who went to home school. Write down your entire dinner conversation.

9. Describe the place in your house that you do most of your learning in during the home school day. Talk about every possible detail that you can remember. If you could redecorate the room, what would you put there and why?

10. Imagine that you are 18 years old and you are ready to go away to college. How do you think life will be different in school after learning at home for so many years? Will it be tough to adjust to teachers and students you’ve never met before? Go into extreme detail.

Pamela Swearingen has been happily homeschooling in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for several years now. Pamela is currently homeschooling her middle and high school aged kids and the lessons in their homeschool (and in life) are getting very exciting! Books, unit studies, notebooks, and nature journals are all part of their homeschooling week. She truly feels that God has blessed her family with the opportunity to homeschool and her goal is to inspire other families to homeschool greatness by pointing them in the direction of some really great books, resources and field trip ideas. Her homeschool reviews and suggestions can be found at Mustard Seed Homeschool and all of her non-homeschooling reviews are located at Mustard Seed Book Reviews.

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