Perfect Roast Turkey

When we first got married, I was petrified of cooking a Thanksgiving turkey.  My experiences with turkey had not been all that positive.  I used to call it the “meat made my teeth squeak”…meaning for whatever reason, I perceived that turkey was dry.  Now grant it, this was MY perception and none of my other […]

Catching Up With Thankfulness

I am a big proponent of writing things down in a journal.  That principle applies to Scripture that touches my heart, goals that I have, things to pray about, things I have to do, and yes, things I am thankful for.  As usual, I’ve fallen behind this month in documenting those things that I’m thankful […]

Wednesday Web Walk

Each Wednesday, we do our best to bring you a “Web Walk.” Yep! We keep our eyes scouring the web for blogs outside of Heart of the Matter…blogs that are like-minded. We pick articles that we know will encourage, inspire and motivate you to really pursue getting to the “heart of the matter.” Have suggestions? […]


Creativity Is About The Process

  As a newlywed, it took me awhile to figure out what my decorating “style”.  I read books and magazines, observed other people’s taste, and watched TV.  I was constantly on the lookout for what I felt would be the style that reflected me.  It never occured to me to be afraid or worried about what others […]

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