Wednesday Web Walk

Each Wednesday, we are going to do our best to bring you a “Web Walk.” Yep! We are going to be keeping our eyes scouring the web for blogs outside of Heart of the Matter…blogs that are like-minded. We will pick articles that we know will encourage, inspire and motivate you to really pursue getting to the “heart of the… Read More

Review: Artios Outpost

Artios Outpost:  Summer Arts Camps Musical Theater, Film and Student Internships I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to review a program that has made such a difference in so many lives and locations.  It’s difficult to verbalize a program that is so dynamic.  The Artios Outpost program has touched the lives of hundreds of campers who have… Read More

The Blame Game

  I should know better. I’ve been involved in education for almost 31 years. I’ve been a wife for almost thirty years. I’ve been a mother for over 27 years. I’ve been homeschooling for 20 years. I should know better. Yet somehow, when I start to struggle, when I feel overloaded and overcommitted, when I’m tired, when I feel overworked… Read More

The Importance of Arts Education

  Thanks to Home Educating Family for asking me to share with them my experiences and views on the importance of arts education.       Lori and John Lane have been married 29 years and live in the beautiful Colorado Rockies where John coaches the local high school baseball team, and together they work with Artios Academies. They have… Read More

Postcards to my Children

Once a month I write a letter to each of my children (at least those who read… I’ll add the others as they gain that skill) on a postcard and leave it on their bed. The postcard is usually of something interesting, so I remark on the image and then add other comments, things I want them to know, compliments,… Read More