Wednesday Web Walk

  Each Wednesday, we do our best to bring you a “Web Walk.” Yep!   We keep our eyes scouring the web for blogs outside of Heart of the Matter…blogs that are like-minded. We pick articles that we know will encourage, inspire and motivate you to really pursue getting to the “heart of the matter.” Have […]


Debbie Strayer – Safety from the Tidal Wave of Overachievement

  As I’ve been going through all the articles, emails and notes I have from Debbie.  The article linked below is one of my favorites.  Whenever I would have the privilege of spending time with Debbie, this topic and burden would come up.  It is a topic that is talked about often.  Everyone will shake […]


A Tribute to My Friend

Instead of posting something unique to this blog today, I’m going to refer you to another blog that John and I run called, Heart of the Matter Online. Late yesterday afternoon, I learned of the sudden passing of a dear friend and mentor, Debbie Strayer.  She was so influential to so many people and a […]

Debbie Strayer – Friend and Mentor to Many

Debbie Strayer was my friend, mentor and cheerleader. (I know many others feel the same way.)  I had looked long and hard to find someone that had depth, experience, insight, wisdom and passion for providing children with a Biblical approach to education and be willing to invest some time and energy into my life and […]

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