12 Days With Dr. Ruth Beechick – Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills There is a strong trend that seems to elevate the thinking and logic process.  Although these areas are very important, it is also important to realize that there is decided difference in how we should view these skills from a worldly versus a Biblical perspective.  A few weeks ago, I wrote a post […]


Life, Work, and Joy with Children Underfoot

When I was a girl, I went to my Daddy Leland’s grocery store almost every day. I felt at home all over the store–in the aisles where Daddy put up stock, at the checkout stand with Earlene the checker, in the butcher department with my Uncle Ronnie, and in the backroom with Emory the produce man. The […]

Worldviews to Match the Bible – 12 Days with Dr. Ruth Beechick

“In Christian homeschooling, worldview teaching means passing on to children biblical views of important matters in life and society.  Some parents may think that children will ‘catch’ their views, so they do not specifically teach them.  But no, children do not catch much of this.  Some body has to explain why abortion is wrong or […]


12 Days with Dr. Ruth Beechick – Science to Match the Bible

This series originally appeared in May of 2012 on The End in Mind. Science to Match the Bible Chapter three of Dr. Beechick’s A Biblical Home Education deals with the teaching of science and the foundation upon which we teach that particular subject.  In the first few pages of this chapter, Dr. Beechick makes two comments that […]


12 Days with Dr. Ruth Beechick – World History to Match the Bible

This article was originally published in May of 2012 on The End in Mind.  Chapter two of Dr. Beechick’s book, A Biblical Home Education is titled:  World History to Match the Bible.   I find much wisdom and insight even into the her title for the chapter.  How often have you heard of someone, or even found […]


The Older Woman (not the other woman)

  We sat around a table at a cute little bakery and cafe talking about health, homeschooling, kids, laughing, and making jokes that only middle aged women would understand.  Bottom line, we were just talking about life.  The purpose of our meeting was to begin some planning for a “parent guild” for our local Artios […]


This Week at Heart of the Matter Online – Week of March 31st, 2014

  Another week has come and gone at Heart of the Matter Online and this week was especially full of great articles giving encouragement, information, insight and inspiration.  Try and find some quiet time and a cup of coffee or tea, and join this week’s contributors sharing their heart and lives with you as we […]

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