Contributors Wanted!

We’re pleased to announce that Heart of the Matter Online is accepting applications for contributors! We’re excited to add to our team and would love to have you fill out the short application which you will find linked below. Most of our contributors write on a topic or specific subject that they are passionate about, so please include your topic… Read More

12 Days With Dr. Ruth Beechick – Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills There is a strong trend that seems to elevate the thinking and logic process.  Although these areas are very important, it is also important to realize that there is decided difference in how we should view these skills from a worldly versus a Biblical perspective.  A few weeks ago, I wrote a post that talked about the difference… Read More

Worldviews to Match the Bible – 12 Days with Dr. Ruth Beechick

“In Christian homeschooling, worldview teaching means passing on to children biblical views of important matters in life and society.  Some parents may think that children will ‘catch’ their views, so they do not specifically teach them.  But no, children do not catch much of this.  Some body has to explain why abortion is wrong or how communism is not biblical. … Read More