Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Janke

Originally published June 17, 2012 It used to be that I dreaded Father’s Day!  I hated going to church on that day and being surrounded by all the picture perfect families, their picture perfect clothes, picture perfect smiles and what appeared to be their picture perfect lives.  Picture perfect was not something I had experienced […]

Contributors Wanted!

We’re pleased to announce that Heart of the Matter Online is accepting applications for contributors! We’re excited to add to our team and would love to have you fill out the short application which you will find linked below. Most of our contributors write on a topic or specific subject that they are passionate about, […]


12 Days With Dr. Ruth Beechick – Reading Skills

You may remember that Dr. Beechick has written a book, How to Teach Your Child Successfully, which spends alot of time on reading.  To be honest, when reading that portion of the book, my eyes glazed over a bit.  However, in this chapter of A Biblical Home Education, for whatever reason, not only did I not glaze […]


12 Days With Dr. Ruth Beechick – Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills There is a strong trend that seems to elevate the thinking and logic process.  Although these areas are very important, it is also important to realize that there is decided difference in how we should view these skills from a worldly versus a Biblical perspective.  A few weeks ago, I wrote a post […]


Life, Work, and Joy with Children Underfoot

When I was a girl, I went to my Daddy Leland’s grocery store almost every day. I felt at home all over the store–in the aisles where Daddy put up stock, at the checkout stand with Earlene the checker, in the butcher department with my Uncle Ronnie, and in the backroom with Emory the produce man. The […]

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