Homeschool Career Planning: How Not to Lose Your Mind When Your Child Changes Theirs

If you are worried because your teen hasn’t found a career interest yet, it’s time for a reality check. Very few children know what they want their major to be, let alone their career, before they enter college. If your eighth, ninth, or tenth grader doesn’t have a clear plan yet, that’s okay! Some of them will – I knew… Read More

Switching Gears Mid-Year

Sometimes changing curriculum mid-year makes sense. Your curriculum’s not working and you’re ready to admit it after several weeks or months of frustration in your homeschool. Don’t panic. Curriculum mismatch can happen. One of the advantages of homeschooling is that, unlike public school teachers, you CAN switch gears and change your curriculum! Don’t hesitate, especially if the subject happens to… Read More

No Homeschool is Perfect

When I was in public high school, my best friend took jewelry-making, and I took a class called “Polynesian History.” They were considered easy classes. My niece took a class called “Sports Communication” and another called “Baseball History.” One student I know of earned high school credit for baking pre-made cookie dough all year. Scoop, plop, 10 minutes, repeat, and… Read More

Painting a Portrait with College Application Essays

The thought of writing college application essays may fill your child with dread, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Think of each essay as a love letter to the college. Combined, these essays will show the student’s full feelings for the school of their choice. Yes, each essay must be a technically perfect, self-reflective and compelling essay running… Read More

Reality Check: Homeschoolers Are NOT Entitled to College Admission and Scholarships

Do you have a sense of entitlement? Sure, homeschooling can be difficult, but does that mean your child deserves college admission without even trying? No! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you college admission and scholarships will be easy, just because you homeschool! “Why do I have to do this to get my child into college?” “Why didn’t the… Read More