Are You Doing Too Much?

Are you doing too much? It’s a temptation when parents feel stressed about high school. Some parents tend to go overboard with the homeschool workload. Is that you? At first, parents just aren’t sure what homeschool high school should look like. Then in sophomore and junior year, in a panic over college, they pile even more work on […]

Are You Doing Too Much - By Lee Binz

Make College Affordable: Homeschool College

It’s a very familiar story … you had the best of intentions, but you just haven’t been saving for your child’s college tuition as much as you should. Fortunately, much like buying a car, hardly anyone pays the full sticker price for college. Don’t let the tuition price of colleges, especially private schools, scare you. […]

Make College Affordable: Homeschool College

Decoding College Admission Policies

Navigating college admission requirements can be intimidating, especially for homeschoolers. Big words, scary phrases, acronyms … it’s hard to cut through the code of admission policies! But take heart, once you break down to see what’s behind all the edu-speak, usually you will find college policies are fairly reasonable. Let’s look at some admission policies […]

Decoding College

College Admission: No GED Required

“Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away,” homeschoolers thought they needed to get a GED in order to go to college. In the past, colleges in the US sometimes required the GED of homeschoolers in order to provide financial aid. But that’s all in the ancient past! Since 1998, US law states […]

College admission no GED required

Merit Scholarships Cut College Costs

Merit Scholarships Cut College Costs Are you asking yourself how on earth your family can afford college? Merit scholarships can be part of the answer! They may be related to academics or athletics, but what they all have in common is that certain criteria be met, such as an accomplishment or completion of a task. […]

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