Chalk Resist Art Project

This is a really fun art project that doesn’t require fancy art supplies! Materials Needed: 1 piece of cardstock per person (it can be any color) Colored Chalk Black Crayon Pencil Cut each piece of cardstock in half so everyone has two pieces. On one piece of cardstock use the chalk to color all over […]

Chalk Resist Art Project

Extending Family Read Alouds

Family Read Alouds  have always been a big hit at our house. In the evenings either mom or dad will read a book aloud while the children gather to snuggle under warm blankets on the couches. Sometimes the youngest ones play quietly on the floor. These are precious memories to us! Recently I was sick […]


The Candy Bomber – A mini unit study

This time of year is so full of fun . . . and candy. Candy abounds! The shelves at the store are lined with brightly colored packages. Children are dreaming of how much they will get after they go trick-or-treating. In our neck of the woods everyone from doctor’s offices to banks are passing candy […]

Family History – Learn It!

“Mom, can tell me a story about _______?” This question is often asked at our house with the variations of dad, grandma, aunt so-and-so, or great-grandpa inserted in the blank. Children love to hear stories, there is no doubt about that. They especially love to hear stories about family members both immediate and extended. Studies […]

Summer. Just say the word…

Summer. Just say the word and I am transported back to days of chasing fireflies, wheelbarrow races in the grass, and swimming in the neighbor’s pool. There were also days where it was just too hot to be outside or the Georgia rain would be coming down so hard it would send us all scattering […]

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