Harry Truman

“Who has despised the day of small things?” (Zechariah 4:10). I imagine each of us has considered something that seemed insignificant and thought, “Oh, that doesn’t matter.” The person in need overlooked, the small act of kindness that would have only taken a second or two, the step or two out of the way to […]

Children, Books, and Train Schedules

Like many homeschooling families, we are a family of book lovers. Each of our children’s spouses have fit right in to a book loving family; they love books, too. When we moved into this house almost ten years ago, we had simple pine floor to ceiling shelving built in the room the previous owner used […]

Wilma Rudolph and Perry Wallace

It was a different situation in the South in the 1950s and 1960s from the way it is today. Almost every social setting, work environment, and political issue was overshadowed by the race question. Racial segregation was clear and firm. I remember that the courthouse in my home town had separate drinking fountains marked “white” […]


TR and Taft

I like many things about Theodore Roosevelt. I admire how he overcame childhood asthma to become a physically strong adult. I admire his deep love and respect for his father, who died while Teddy was in college. I admire how he recovered from losing his wife and mother on the same day in the same […]

Lessons Learned Outside the Classroom

A good curriculum should be appreciated, because it can make teaching more effective and learning more memorable. Over the years, I’ve spent money on some materials that were worth the investment and others that just were so-so. In addition to educating my children with quality materials and a biblical worldview, I really hoped that they […]


Three Easy Ways To Add Music To Your Homeschool

So much of music appreciation is simple exposure. Do your children hear beautiful music each and every day of their lives? This is perhaps the EASIEST way to instill a love of music in your children. If you aren’t currently listening to music on a regular basis, you might have to remind yourself each day, […]

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