Proven Formula for Parenting Well

To be quite honest, when we brought our first son home from the hospital I would have loved an owner’s manual that told us exactly what to do, and when to do it. Very quickly I realized no amount of books, podcasts or wise parenting friends could prepare us for the adventure we were embarking […]

Proven Formula for Parenting Well - By Lorrie Young

Lessons I Have Learned on This Homeschooling Journey

Isn’t funny that I thought when we started homeschooling, I was prepared for my children to learn, yet I never expected to be the student many days. With God as my teacher though, He has taught me so much on this journey, and most of it has nothing to do with academics. Sometimes we forget […]

Lessons I Have Learned on This Homeschooling Journey - By Karen DeBeus

Individuals or Cookie Cutters?

Have you ever thought about human beings? Did it ever cross your mind how miraculous the origin of life really is? Has it ever occurred to you that each person starts life in the same way? Everyone reading this article started out the same way. The Psalmist proclaims that God saw us “while we were […]

Individuals or Cookie Cutters - By Becky McMoil

Getting to the Heart of a Grumbling Heart

As a homeschooling parent you may get into seasons where your children grumble about doing schoolwork. Especially now as we are in the springtime and the weather is warm. It happens to all of us. In fact, as a mom you may feel this same grumbling about homeschool from time to time. We are all […]

Getting to the Heart of a Grumbling Heart - By Angela Parsley

Please Do Disturb Us

Having a flexible schedule is a benefit that ranks high among the reasons moms love homeschooling. It’s the joy of cancelling the day’s math lessons so that you can spend the first warm spring day at the park. It’s the freedom to postpone your first grader’s reading lessons until the quiet hour when your toddler […]

Please Do Disturb Us

Jolted By Jealousy

There’s a dirty little secret many Bible-reading and God-fearing women are harboring. It has taken up residence in the smallest spaces of our hearts and has planted seeds there. And from its snug position, it grows quietly and spreads stealthily. Its toxic roots fan out carrying unpleasant thoughts, fostering attitudes of ingratitude, and tainting the […]

Jolted By Jealousy - By Andrea Thorpe

Lessons Learned from Good and Bad Teachers

All of us have experienced the encouragement of an outstanding teacher!  The opposite is also true of what we have all experienced at the hands of a teacher who truly did not belong in the classroom.  In today’s episode, Danielle and I are discussing the power of words, inspiration, mentorship, expectations and consistency as demonstrated […]

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