Jolted By Jealousy

There’s a dirty little secret many Bible-reading and God-fearing women are harboring. It has taken up residence in the smallest spaces of our hearts and has planted seeds there. And from its snug position, it grows quietly and spreads stealthily. Its toxic roots fan out carrying unpleasant thoughts, fostering attitudes of ingratitude, and tainting the […]

Jolted By Jealousy - By Andrea Thorpe

Lessons Learned from Good and Bad Teachers

All of us have experienced the encouragement of an outstanding teacher!  The opposite is also true of what we have all experienced at the hands of a teacher who truly did not belong in the classroom.  In today’s episode, Danielle and I are discussing the power of words, inspiration, mentorship, expectations and consistency as demonstrated […]

End in Mind (1)

The In-Between Times

Between a rock and a hard place. In-between the here and now and what’s to come. Transitioning. Whatever you want to call it, not being able to “categorize” where you are in life can sometimes be unsettling. I have survived several in-between times…some more serious than others. in-between houses in-between jobs in-between relationships in-between stages […]


   This past week found my home city of Nashville gridlocked by ice and snow. Because much snowfall is rare down here now, everything comes to an almost complete stop. Universities close–bread and milk fly off the grocery shelves–and people stay home in droves.    With all my complaining of how busy we all are […]


Stay in Season

I live in Denver, Colorado where weather extremes are normal.  Just last night we received two inches of snow, but by 10 a.m the sun was out and I was flip-flopping around on my errands.  This is not an unusual occurrence for us. I think that these frequent weather surprises do us a few favors.  […]

Stay in Season - By Debra Anderson

Overcommitted and Overwhelmed

How many times have I sat in a chair wondering how in the world I’m going to fulfill all my obligations and responsibilities. As I sit there with tears streaming down my face, I have often wondered how I even got to the place of being overcommitted and overwhelmed.  I love to be active and […]

Avoiding the Homeschool Blues, Part Three – Setting Goals

For the past several weeks, we have been discussing ways to avoid the annual homeschool blues that often affect many of us this time of year.  Thanks so much for your feedback on this series.  It is encouraging!  However, it is also nice to know that I’m not the only one that struggles this time […]

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