Can You Forgive the Public School?

I hear your stories. I hear how the public school has hurt some of you, ignored you, and failed to meet your needs. I hear your frustration, your fury and your fear. I see the very real pain; the anxiety in my sweet young friend during his first three elementary schools, the tearful irritation of the new co-op mom who… Read More

Season 3, Episode 1: What Does It Mean to Live Life with the End in Mind?

We are excited to be back and working on The End in Mind Podcast Season 3. The summer provided a much needed break and some time to think through the direction of the podcast for season 3 and beyond.  Season 3 will provide a variety of interviews, discussions, and frankly, some episodes with just you and me having a virtual… Read More

There’s More to Life than Homeschooling!

I’m sure that some of what I say here will be a bit “controversial.”  But hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinions…and, after 23 years of homeschooling, I’m just full of opinions.  HA! It may not seem like it now, but there will come a day when your homeschooling days are over.  In just 8 short months, I’m facing… Read More