A Simple Christmas Tree

I’m not one who goes all out in decorating for Christmas under normal circumstances, but some years decorating is more difficult than others.  Last year we were traveling over Christmas and had a newborn.  This year we have a toddler who definitely can’t be trusted to leave a Christmas tree alone and money is tight.  I don’t know about you,… Read More

Countdown to Christmas

Either your first language or your second language is learnt by exposure. So you need to expose your children to the new language whenever you can as much as you can, through different learning aids, taking into account your children’s interests. What can be more interesting for your children than counting to Christmas in December? My goals for this lesson: To… Read More

Take December Off

We started our school year the last week of July. (I heard those gasps). Before you judge me, we started then, because it was the height of the summer heat and mosquito biting. And we started slowly, adding in subjects. We also started in July thinking of December. See, we take the entire month of December off. To enjoy. To… Read More

Around the Web With Kris

via www.jimmiescollage.com Thirteen Ways to Reuse a Page A Day Art Calendar by Jimmie’s Collage – I keep intending to order one of those Metropolitan page-a-day art calendars that Jimmie has recommended so highly. Now, I have 13 more reasons to quite procrastinating. Cinnamon Roll Bread by Money Saving Mom – I have a friend who makes the most incredible… Read More