Laid Back. Really?

Have you heard the term “laid back homeschooler”? Maybe you have heard it referred to as “relaxed homeschooling”.  I do not have personal experience with this type of homeschooling.  In fact, if you were to ask any of my now adult children if we were laid back homeschoolers, I guarantee you they would emphatically say, […]

Laid Back Really - By Becky McCoil

Can You Homeschool and Work at Home?

One of the questions I am asked most often as a work at home homeschool mom is “How do you do it all?” The answer? I don’t! I have been working from home since 2009, first as an in home child care provider, and now as a freelancer. I love it! And our family has benefited […]

Can You Homeschool & Work at Home?

Teaching Multiple Ages

One of the reasons I chose to homeschool was so that I could meet my children’s individual needs.  I intended to spend lots of one-on-one time so that each child could work at his or her own pace and pursue areas of interest in depth.  My first two children are only 15 months apart in […]

Teaching Multiple Ages

Decoding College Admission Policies

Navigating college admission requirements can be intimidating, especially for homeschoolers. Big words, scary phrases, acronyms … it’s hard to cut through the code of admission policies! But take heart, once you break down to see what’s behind all the edu-speak, usually you will find college policies are fairly reasonable. Let’s look at some admission policies […]

Decoding College

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly, but Where Does Homeschooling Fit In?

Every December, despite my best intentions, I become an unschooler. Now, I have nothing against unschooling; it is just generally a form of homeschooling that doesn’t suit our family as well as the slightly structured version we usually practice. But there is something about December that does me in every year. While it may be […]

'Tis the Season to be Jolly but Where Does Homeschooling Fit In

7 Surprising Benefits of Standardized Testing

Do you hate giving your kids tests? Do your kids hate taking those tests? Even if you don’t love standardized tests, they do bring some surprising benefits to homeschool families! Now understand, I’m not a big proponent of tests myself, and we only used tests in about half of our classes when we homeschooled. However, […]


12 Days with Dr. Ruth Beechick – Science to Match the Bible

This series originally appeared in May of 2012 on The End in Mind. Science to Match the Bible Chapter three of Dr. Beechick’s A Biblical Home Education deals with the teaching of science and the foundation upon which we teach that particular subject.  In the first few pages of this chapter, Dr. Beechick makes two comments that […]

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