Spark Your Writing Lessons with FIRES

The writing process is such a complex task that most students greatly benefit from focusing on one element at a time. The FIRE mnemonic device is one tool to help your young writer generate content for paragraphs and essays. A good paragraph has an abundance of convincing and detailed support to prove the topic sentence. Use FIRES to build support…. Read More

Riding the Fears of Unschooling

I think one of the fearful aspects of unschooling is the fact that we are giving our children freedom of choice over their own learning.  Let’s face it…it’s easier said than done and few even want to embark on such a fearful journey.  Who would ever want to know how to perfect their handwriting unless it was made to be… Read More

Homeschooling Multiple Ages

People ask me all the time how I manage to homeschool three children, in different age groups, all the while having a toddler underfoot. It doesn’t phase me one bit, because I know many people with more children that homeschool as well.  But for many, they can’t see how it works-teaching multiple ages.   Yet it’s really not as challenging… Read More

How to Teach Children without Punishment

What if there was an alternative to punishing our children to create change in their behavior? Homeschooling them gives us an opportunity to be their main influence and our days our chalked full of teachable opportunities. When they are quarrelsome, don’t share, throw a tantrum, or are acting rude, it is easy to just administer punishment for the crime to… Read More