Alternatives to Traditional Portfolios

By now, most of us have heard the party line about the why and the how of assembling traditional portfolios for our homeschooling students. But, some things just can’t be flattened or captured in a photograph. What do we do with large canvas paintings? What about performances by the future ballerina or actor? How do […]

Learning More Deeply by Learning Less

Running a quick errand, fiddling with the radio, the children chattering in the back and I caught a glimpse of motion ahead and to the right. Not perceiving exactly why, I stopped the car and waited. Slowly, cautiously, a deer emerged from the underbrush and just stood at the side of the road, seemingly as […]

Summer School

Some homeschooling families choose to school year-round, while others follow the “summers off” schedule to which their local public school district adheres. Right now, we are taking summers off, though that may change in the future. (This is our first “official” year homeschooling.) Let me clarify something, though: taking the summer “off” doesn’t mean that […]

Ownership vs Relationship?

How do we strike a balance between maintaining relationship and giving our kids ownership of their work? When I first heard about homeschooling after becoming a parent, I kept hearing that homeschooling is about relationship. To be honest, I really didn’t get it. Now that I’ve been homeschooling for five years, I understand it more. […]

What Kind of Homeschooler are You?

“What kind of homeschooler are you?” If I’ve heard that question once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. And a thousand times I have struggled with the answer. If you are like me you have always found that question incredibly hard to answer, because as your children grow, as their interests develop, as they are […]

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