How We Do it with Four

If you had told me ten years ago when my first son was born that in 2010 I’d be homeschooling anyone- let alone a fifth grader, second grader, and two preschoolers- I would have chuckled and shaken my head.  Now, here I am, homeschooling my kiddos and loving almost every minute of it. It’s taken me a few years to… Read More

How to Mesh Unit Studies with Classical Education

Love the idea of unit studies? Fascinated by classical education? Think the two are mutually exclusive? I’d like to propose that they are compatible. Let’s just briefly review classical education and unit studies to make sure that we’re on the same page as far as basic definitions go. “Classical education depends on a three-part process of training the mind. The… Read More

Why A Charlotte Mason Approach?

The whole world opened to me when I learned to read. Mary McLeod Bethune Be warned that this won’t be a how-to on Charlotte Mason’s approach to education. There are plenty of websites and wonderful blogs that elaborate on her methods and practical application.   I am writing to remind myself of where we started in our journey, and to bless… Read More