20 Years and No Retirement

It’s that time of year for my annual wrap up when I evaluate and assess how well our homeschool year has gone before I solidify plans for the next. Since we are finishing up not one, but two decades of homeschooling, I decided it was time to do a 20 year Wrap-Up! What Worked Letting […]


Still Doing School in June?

It happens every May and June. Other homeschool moms are talking about wrapping up the year and taking “summer break.” But you’re still doing school. You know you could call it quits, but you really want to finish that last unit of study, or you know that it would be a disservice to your child […]

Softening the Summer Schedule

I am always excited for summer to start. Because I’m not a year-round homeschooler, I not only look forward to a change in our schedule but I love all the opportunities my sons have to engage in new experiences. In a typical summer I sign them up for everything I can afford: day camps, swim […]


The First Five Years

I was talking with some parents trying to get a feel for what the most important thing their child(ren) learned before the age of 5. I got a lot of “potty training,” “socialization,” “reading” and “how to be away from mommy.” Most of their answers focused on the child being ready for kindergarten at a […]


Getting Input From Your Children

When evaluating your homeschool, don’t overlook a valuable source of information — your children. It may seem obvious, but some moms neglect to ask their children for feedback. The end of the school year is an appropriate time to dialogue with your children, but they will probably be glad to offer feedback at any time […]

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