Boot Soup

My kids don’t know it yet, but they’re about to freeze to death in the Cascade Mountains, and I’m thrilled because this afternoon, they laughed at me for being so insane as to load half my wagon with mule feed. Their exact words were, “No wonder you starved to death in the mountains.” This deadly […]

Making a Bound Book with Manila Envelopes

This eight page book with pockets is perfect for showing off school projects, holding a book report, or serving as a lapbook base.  It’s not hard to make. I made one first with my ten year old daughter watching. Then she made another one all by herself.  I started with two really huge manila envelopes. […]

Step By Step, Piece by Piece: Mini-Offices

The mini-office concept was started in public school by a teacher that was having trouble with kids focusing. So she took some legal size file folders and created a small cubicle for each student. But that didn’t solve the problem at all. The true problem was that instead of not focusing-they were asking each other […]

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