Seeing Creation Through the Eyes of a Child

Among the many and varied reasons for choosing to teach our children at home, right at the top was our desire to give them a Biblical world view.  Down the line somewhere under that was the desire to not bore them with learning.  When we brought those two desires together with the subject of science, I was a bit apprehensive and… Read More

The Poetry of Words

Words. Writing begins with words. Enacting poetry is a great way to get excited about words. Rainy days were bittersweet when I was in elementary school. While the playground was sorely missed, watching the rain run like a waterfall down the side of our classroom that was mostly made of glass was poetic. And of course, there were the rainy… Read More

DIY Pom-poms!

Pom-poms! Oh, I remember making tons of little funny animals and things using pom-poms! While I remember it being easy, I had to Google how to make them again, but it was as I remembered, super easy! And a great project for kids too! Supplies: Cardboard piece (mine is about 1.5” wide and yielded a 2” pom-pom Scissors Yarn Step… Read More


One of our favorite cool-weather pastimes is watching birds. We’re definitely not “birdwatchers” by dictionary standards….but I sometimes think I could stand by our windows and watch them eat, play, hunt, fly, hop on the grass for hours. The Starlings — I not only love their high-pitched chirps in the wintertime, but they are precious when they stand next to… Read More