DIY Geoboard

Fun, hands-on manipulatives don’t always have to be expensive or store-bought. Many of my kid’s favorite learning tools have been inexpensive and homemade. One of their favorite such manipulatives are our geoboards. Geoboards are multi-purposed and can be used for children of various ages. For the younger child, a geoboard serves as a great tool […]

Celebrate Summer

I love the idea of year-round school, but summer is so broken up with activities and events and visits that it’s hard to keep a routine. Plus, we’re surrounded by great outdoor wilderness here in Oregon, and the sun just keeps calling us out! I’ve recently come upon a fun and educational way to celebrate […]

Summer School! 5 Activities to Get Your Preschooler Ready for School

Summer is a time many homeschool moms rely on for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.  However, there are many things you can do to teach your preschooler over the summer without wearing yourself out.  Here are five summer activities that will get your preschooler ready for the upcoming school year: Sand Play As children dig, scoop, […]


Softening the Summer Schedule

I am always excited for summer to start. Because I’m not a year-round homeschooler, I not only look forward to a change in our schedule but I love all the opportunities my sons have to engage in new experiences. In a typical summer I sign them up for everything I can afford: day camps, swim […]


How to Study Nature

Last month, I wrote about the importance of including nature study in your homeschool.  This month I’d like to take a brief look at various ways to implement nature study.  Some people might try to tell you that “real” nature study should look a certain way, but just like we all choose curriculum based on […]

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