Creative Writing: Mimic a Favorite Children’s Author

Are there certain books your children love to read or have read to them over and over and over again? Do you know why? Usually it is because the text of the book is either repetitive, rhymes, or has a singsong quality to it. You can use this to your advantage in teaching creative writing […]

What’s in a Portfolio?

What does a hard-working homeschooling mom do with all those 3-D projects, art papers, grammar workbooks, and math tests? Keep everything? Yikes! Throw them all away? Horrors! Of course, Grandma’s refrigerator makes a wonderful display area, but when Grandma’s fridge is full, there is an alternative that can make both the savers and the throwers […]

Glue Pictures

Gluing is one of those simple learning tools and pleasures of childhood. My preschoolers often enjoy gluing cut out magazine pictures while at church. We’ve adopted the practice at home. It’s one of those activities to enjoy year round and a handy thing to pull out on a summer afternoon. All you need to do […]

Nature, Unplugged

For our family vacation this year, we wanted to do something a little different from the usual beach trip. My husband, who works in the ministry, was encouraged to take time off for a true, restful, unplugged sabbatical, which, to me, meant finding a spot for us to escape to that was remote and quiet. […]

Summer Time!

Summer is my favorite time of year. Yes, around here we do cease our “formal” school work, although many people homeschool year round.  I always enjoy the “different” feeling of summer. The loose schedule, the freedom to do so many things we wouldn’t otherwise do during the school year is much needed for us.   […]

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