How to Host a Children’s Book Club

Host a summer book club this year with your children and enjoy watching them fall in love with reading, sharing and dissecting books together, with friends.  I have hosted many book clubs for my girls and wanted to share what I’ve done to inspire you to give it a try if you haven’t already. My oldest wasn’t much of a… Read More

A Reading Lesson Using a Silly Story

Sometimes it’s fun to read a silly story with your children to liven up the homeschool day, take a break from an arduous math lesson, or provide a distraction from an argument (not that my children ever argue). It’s even better when that story can tie into a certain lesson that you’ve been learning in school, such as the sound… Read More

For “the Littles”

One of the best ways that I kept my younger child occupied (while still giving them an educational, interactive outlet) while I did school with my older child was with something called “activity bags.” You can make activity bags, bins, folders, boxes, whatever — it’s just a neat way to organize separate activities for one-at-a-time play, separating skilled activities into… Read More

When Books Spark Original Ideas

“Neo” from the Greek is new. “Logos” from the Greek is word. Put them together and what do you get? Neologism. A new word. So what’s this got to do with original ideas and books? Read on. I am planning on beginning our Language Arts lessons this fall where we left off in the spring with made up words. This… Read More