I Didn’t Learn Friendship from My Mother

My mother disclosed unhappy news today. Fifty years ago, she made a friend who taught her, newly wedded, how to grocery shop and who later taught me, newly mothering, how to magically burp my newborn son. And today that long-time friend had a heart attack and passed away.  My mother said, “I can’t tell you what she meant to us… Read More

Am I a Nag?

As mothers, there are many ways in which we hope to be remembered by our children after they are grown and gone. Perhaps they’ll recall us being the best neighborhood mom because we always passed out popsicles to their friends, and had Band-Aids for everyone’s boo-boos. Or maybe they’ll remember the cold snowy mornings when they snuggled with us in… Read More

Even During the Hard Days

I decided something today. Even during the worst day of homeschooling, I will give glory to God. After all He is the One who called me to this journey, and He has set each day in motion. When things get rough, He knows, and He is there. He is not surprised, and He has a plan for it all. Sometimes… Read More

The Thing One Lives to Do

Summer catches my breath for so many reasons: Gardens bursting with color that I started from seed, just-right warm breezes at sunset, and the great plays in Little League that surprise me with joy while I do my time in the stands. Everything takes on a fresh life and the mission of our days transforms from mundane to marvelous. This… Read More

Lord, Strengthen My Hands!

Life can be challenging at times. This is fact is clearly evidenced in our discussions with family members and friends and even the quickest glance at local and national news headlines confirms this fact. Every single day people all around the world are challenged by difficult life circumstances. And many times these challenges rise up suddenly, leaving people feeling fearful,… Read More