The Writing on the Wall

When I was a small child, I loved to play quietly, all alone in my bedroom. Sometimes I’d play there contentedly for hours. My mother used to say that’s when she would worry about me most. Evidently, sometimes I was “up to no good” all alone in that pink room at the end of the […]

The Writing on the Wall

Gandalf Speaks…Again

Yesterday was Sunday. I don’t like to cook dinner on Sunday because I’m usually extra tired on Sunday and I long for that day of rest. It is unfortunate I do not always plan ahead so leftovers or a crockpot meal can be eaten. I seem to hope dinner will magically appear on the table. […]

Gandalf Speaks...Again

Simplify in the New Year…Once and For All!

How many times have you promised to clear the clutter and just weeks later you find yourself buried in it again? Or you have vowed to keep your homeschool schedule simple, but next thing you know you are running out the door each day to  a commitment, and when the week is over you are […]

Simplify in the New Year...Once and For All!

6 Ways to Change Your Mind and Your (Homeschool) World

Our pastor once preached a series of messages from a central theme:  If you can change your mind, you can change your world.   The sermons were rich, packed with thought-provoking and life-changing ideas.   Yet, the premise was simple.   So much of the gap between mediocrity and success—in any aspect of our lives—is a result of […]

6 Ways to Change Your Mind and Your (Homeschool) World

Spiritual Hunger

Food is something we all need and love. Some people love the process of meandering through a grocery store and searching for the most perfect ingredients to make tasty meals. Others, like me, enjoy hitting up the grocery store and heading straight to the baking supplies aisle to find the perfect ingredients to make yummy […]

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