Thank God for Dirty Laundry

Can you just imagine the big, stinky pile of laundry the Pilgrim women faced on their first “wash day” once the Mayflower finally reached land? After several months at sea, and with so much sickness on board, the foul smell must have been unbearable. I remember my own wash days being especially loathsome when my […]

Thank God for Dirty Laundry

Rejoice in the Calling

This is the day the Lord has made, I will be glad and rejoice in it. The words echo in my mind as I turn off the alarm and try to open my eyes. Another day ahead seems daunting. The algebra lessons, the phonics, the bickering, the crumbs on the floor, the grammar assignments, the […]

Rejoice in the Calling

I’m a “Strong” Woman and I’m (Finally) Okay with it

For years in Christian circles, and even more so in homeschooling circles, being a “strong” woman has had a stigma to it…a negative connotation.  It has been widely assumed that if you are a strong woman (one who is more driven, vocal or opinionated) that you couldn’t possibly be in submission to your husband and […]

The Older Woman (not the other woman)

  We sat around a table at a cute little bakery and cafe talking about health, homeschooling, kids, laughing, and making jokes that only middle aged women would understand.  Bottom line, we were just talking about life.  The purpose of our meeting was to begin some planning for a “parent guild” for our local Artios […]


At my end, where He begins

For the first time in my life, I was at a breaking point. All my strength and hope had been extinguished by one phone call. All of a sudden I was empty and unsure. Tears flowed without permission or cessation. When my brother told me that our mom had gone to be with the Lord, […]

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