Snippets: Purposeful Little Investments in Your Children

The best inheritance a parent can give to his children is a few minutes of their time each day. -… Click To Tweet I confess, this is tough for me. Yes, a homeschooling mother who spends an average of twelve of twelve waking hours a day with my children—acknowledges the difficulty of setting aside time […]

Snippets Purposeful Little Investments in Your Children

Homeschooling with the End in Mind

Keep your eyes on the goal. Know your end goal. Write a mission statement for your homeschool. These are all really important bits of advice when it comes to homeschooling. In fact I have given all of these bits of advice to others. Yet, as I ponder back to when I began homeschooling..sometimes we’re not […]

Homeschooling with the End in Mind

Where is Christ in Your Christmas?

I once saw that Halloween is now the most celebrated holiday after Christmas. However you feel about celebrating Halloween, the data is apparently there, and the messages across the airwaves are reflective of that data. Thanksgiving gets no love from Madison Avenue; candidly speaking, there is not much money in it (although there is PLENTY […]

Where is Christ In Your Christmas

Making Masterpieces from Mistakes

Before I became a mother, I worked as an elementary school guidance counselor. My responsibilities included serving as a liaison between parents and teachers, facilitating student support groups, administering educational assessments, and teaching weekly classroom lessons. Though I enjoyed all of my responsibilities, the one I most enjoyed was the weekly classroom visitation. During this […]

Making Masterpieces from Mistakes

Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

(One of the many precedents that George Washington set for presidential actions was the issuing of Thanksgiving proclamations. Here is the one from 1789, his first year in office. May God bless us with leaders who will so honestly and forthrightly express their own personal faith in God and our dependence on Him as a […]

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