Rejoice in the Calling

This is the day the Lord has made, I will be glad and rejoice in it. The words echo in my mind as I turn off the alarm and try to open my eyes. Another day ahead seems daunting. The algebra lessons, the phonics, the bickering, the crumbs on the floor, the grammar assignments, the […]

Rejoice in the Calling

He came with the end in mind.

Life is full of transitions and change. I’m up early on this Easter morning.  As I look out the living room window, it’s so foggy outside I can hardly make out the edge of the pasture.  Yep, I’m up early again.  Not by choice…but by change!  Life is changing…I’m facing a new stage yet again. […]

Some Things Change, Some Things Remain the Same

It is our business to…spend a part of our lives in increasing our knowledge of nature and art, of literature and man, of the past and present.   This is one way in which we become greater persons, and the more a person is, the better he will do whatever piece of special work falls to […]


February: The Month of Love?

I don’t remember hating February until I started to homeschool. I mean, what could be bad about the year’s shortest month? It has Valentine’s Day, which is slightly irritating but tries to be lovely. And our province has “Family Day”: a random Monday off mid-month where we get to spend all day together. Just like […]


Teaching Conflict Resolution to our Children One of the biggest blessings of being a homeschool family is the ABUNDANCE of time we have together. The quality and depth of conversations, silly laughs, meal-time discussions, and fun activities together have grown such a tight bond between us all that I couldn’t begin to describe with words. I know this special […]

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