Downsizing and Simplifying…for less stress!

I am literally counting down the days until June 1st. By that time, school will be over, curriculum deadlines will have been met (or not), Jared will be settled for his summer internship with Artios Outpost, the snow should be gone, weather should be warmer and I won’t have a weekly drive to Denver each […]

Interview with The Confident Mom, Susan Heid

Becoming a Confident Mom   Susan Heid is a PCI Certified Parent Coach and Certified Family Manager Coach and founder of The Confident Mom, where she is dedicated to mentoring and encouraging woman to make small intentional changes in their home, becoming more organized, peaceful and confident in their roles as moms. Susan enthusiastically wears the […]

Interview with Daniele Evans from Domestic Serenity

  Daniele is just a woman on a journey towards intentional and meaningful living, which simply means she is trying to live according to my priorities.  She is wildly eclectic in many areas, but deeply committed to my faith, home and family. She loves Jesus and find Him alone to be the answer to true serenity. She is wife to one amazing […]

Children, Books, and Train Schedules

Like many homeschooling families, we are a family of book lovers. Each of our children’s spouses have fit right in to a book loving family; they love books, too. When we moved into this house almost ten years ago, we had simple pine floor to ceiling shelving built in the room the previous owner used […]

Redeeming the Time

Do these types of nights and days sound familiar to you? I sat down on Sunday night with our son’s school planner and a very simple plan: wake up early and get a full day’s school in before the older two leave for dance classes and I drive the youngest to her book club meeting […]

Less is More

Homeschooling has exploded over these past few years and everywhere I turn there is MORE. More books, more programs, more co-ops, more conventions, more ways to “do it right.” There is more of everything! Yet are we better off with more? Or does it distract us from the task at hand? Are we so busy […]

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