Just the Basics, Ma’am

Oh how we homeschool moms pour over curriculum. We make plans, pick up new pencils at the store. Mark dates on the calendar. But what about the basics? Those simple, necessary things we have to do every day as mothers? How about the basic routines and habits we’d like for our children to build – […]

Planners: Sometimes Simpler is Better

Well, it’s that time of year, isn’t it? When the new planners arrive and we begin to put things together for whenever schooling will begin again. Independent of whether people school year round or not, somehow, the excitement is in the air. I’m all about the planning. It’s one of the things I do best. […]

How to Create an Overcommitment-Proof School Year Schedule

Ssshhhh! Don’t anyone tell my husband the topic of this month’s post or else he might make me read and apply it! We might as well get my confession out of the way right off the bat: I have issues with scheduling. And overcommitting. But, I need to get better at my scheduling because I […]

How to Create an Overcommitment-Proof School Year Schedule - By Bethany LeBedz

Are You Doing Enough?

Twice this week I’ve had the privilege of having heart-to-heart phone calls with precious homeschool moms. I call it a privilege, of course, because phone calls are not something I get to enjoy very often, in my usually noisy house! In both cases, these moms expressed a secret fear … that somehow, they just weren’t […]

Are You Doing Enough - By Misty Krasawski

Successful Savings With Once-A-Month Grocery Shopping

Once-A-Month Grocery Shopping is a huge blessing and time saver. Just think, by shopping once a month you’re only buying groceries 12 times per year! Over time, I’ve developed my own system that works well for my growing family. I like having everything I need upfront for all of our meals. Also, it’s common sense […]

Successful Savings With Once-A-Month Grocery Shopping - By Jammerill Stewart

How do you do it all?

As a mother of eight, I hear that question a lot. It usually garners a smile, a shake of the head, and sometimes I reply, “I usually don’t!” Come on over and I’ll show you my piles: laundry to be put in, dishes to be put away, and papers to be filed. Every mom of […]

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