Fight for the Heart of Your Child

Listen! I know it can be hard to stand firm on principle and conviction when emotions are running high. I know it can be lonely to be the only one who takes a stand with their child on a particular issue you feel strongly about. I know you would rather laugh with your child than endure some of those struggles… Read More

Looking to the Future Gives Today Meaning – End in Mind Podcast, Season 3, Episode 2

This week’s podcast is part two of my keynote presentation from the 2015 End in Mind Conference. Sometimes when I speak, it really is an act of preaching to myself. Yesterday, I spent the day in Denver, working with some amazing students alongside the team of parents and staff at Artios of Littleton. Denver is two hours from where we… Read More

Can You Forgive the Public School?

I hear your stories. I hear how the public school has hurt some of you, ignored you, and failed to meet your needs. I hear your frustration, your fury and your fear. I see the very real pain; the anxiety in my sweet young friend during his first three elementary schools, the tearful irritation of the new co-op mom who… Read More

Bierdstadt: The Master of Beauty

One of my favorite artists is Albert Bierdstadt.  He is one of the greatest of the early American portrait artists.  He pictured pristine America like it might have looked at the time of Lewis and Clark’s exploration.  He gave us a visual historical record of the magnificence of the pristine American wilderness.  He was a master at atmospheric perspective.  Looking… Read More

Pass It On!

A few years ago our family had the privilege of seeing an amazing exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls at our local science museum. How incredible to see those ancient words of God – words that He miraculously preserved in jars inside of caves for two thousand years! What a mighty act of God! Preserving words on paper for two… Read More

Season 3, Episode 1: What Does It Mean to Live Life with the End in Mind?

We are excited to be back and working on The End in Mind Podcast Season 3. The summer provided a much needed break and some time to think through the direction of the podcast for season 3 and beyond.  Season 3 will provide a variety of interviews, discussions, and frankly, some episodes with just you and me having a virtual… Read More