5 Steps Toward a Plan That Works

If you have ever worked with or even seen a builder, you know the importance of a plan. The written plan is the point of communication between all parties regarding what results are expected. The plan is a roadmap. The plan lends focus when life begins to unravel. Finally, the plan can be used as […]

Moms As This Year Begins Find Your Rest In HIM

Moms, stop right now and give yourselves permission to rest. Yes you heard me right–Rest! If in any way you are feeling stressed out right now planning and organizing for this upcoming school year then your eyes are not focused rightly. Your focus should not be on your books, curriculum, lesson plans, or school supply […]

VBS: An Encouragement to Homeschool.

There are a few questions that, if I had been paid a dollar for each time I was asked them, would have made me very rich by now. I’m sure you’ve heard the same: “Are you certified to teach?” “What about socialization?” “What about Physics?” “You’ll send them to real school at some point, right?” […]

Another Year of Catching Up

My younger two kids did not read until they were nine. You read that right, nine years old. They struggled tremendously due to learning disabilities. The nay-sayers said that I would never be able to teach them this skill. That I was holding them back by not handing them over to “professionals.” That in the […]

The Heartstrings of Homeschooling with Debbie Strayer

Here at Heart of the Matter we love to get encouragement…especially heart encouragement from our dear friend Debbie Strayer. May this article bless you as much as it has blessed us: The Heartstrings of Homeschooling with Debbie Strayer

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