Podcast: Christmas, A White Picket Fence Time of Year?

  In a recent blog post, Lori Lane, editor of Heart of the Matter Online, shared about her struggle with her “white picket fence” images.  In today’s podcast, she shares how that same “white picket fence” image can distort our view of the holidays and cause us to miss the important things…the heart of the […]


Christmas at Bedtime

Welcome to Heart of the Matter Online’s Christmas Series!! This series was originally run 5 years ago during the 2008 Christmas season.  In reviewing these articles, I found so many great ideas, that I decided we needed to publish one a day, Monday through Saturday, from now until Christmas.  I hope you enjoy these as […]


How Can I Help My Shy Child?

When I present my workshop, “When Socialization IS an Issue” at conferences, one of the more common questions I’m asked is how to help a child who has trouble interacting with others.  Some of these children have difficulties with social skills secondary to a diagnosis such as autism spectrum or a learning disability.  Others, however, […]


So Walk In Him

Here at Heart of the Matter Online we talk alot about homeschool organization, logistics, methodology and philosophy.  But, it is also our goal to talk about the true “heart of the matter”…the fact that we are to be parenting in such a way as to reach and touch the heart of our child. I’ve been […]

The Power of Perspective

Perspective can give the most powerful lesson at times. It always makes you look to the future and reminds you of your long-term goals. Many of you have heard about the unexpected passing of my mother, Debbie Strayer. She and Lori Lane were kindred spirits who delighted in connecting and supporting each other. And now, […]

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