Misson Homeschool

Does homeschooling feel hard most days? Is it a challenge that you may not feel equipped to handle? None of us start on this journey expecting it to be easy. No one is equipped for this journey. I know so many people say they could never homeschool because they are not patient enough, or disciplined […]


It’s Here! The Heart of the Matter Online Conference!

  It’s Here!  The Heart of the Matter Online Conference is THIS week! Mark your calendars for two evenings of encouragement and insight! Thursday, September 19 7:00 p.m. – 10:15 p.m. Eastern Time Friday, September 20 7:00 p.m. – 10:15 p.m. Eastern Time Featuring these speakers! Karen DeBeus Jeannie Fulbright Felice Gerwitz Tricia Hodges Lori […]

Heart of the Matter Online Conference Speaker: Lori Lane

Beginning the Year with the End in Mind with Lori Lane     When we begin our lives, begin our marriages, or begin raising our children, we need to have a clear picture of what God desires as an end result in each of those areas.  Knowing this will affect our choices and decisions on […]


Heart of the Matter Online Conference Speaker: Alysha McCullough

Faith and Fantasy with Alysha McCullough     You can’t really go anywhere these days without seeing an advertisement for a fantasy film or book. The genre is not going anywhere, and instead of trying to push away any aspect of ‘the fantastic’ Christians should instead look for the untapped resources this genre affords those […]

Rules of Storytelling Part Two

#6: What is your character good at, comfortable with? Throw the polar opposite at them. Challenge them. How do they deal? This ‘storytelling tip’ has two parts. First of all, you have to know your characters inside and out. You have to know what they’d do if they missed the bus and had to jog […]

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