How To Take The Perfect Nap

In the March 2014 Real Simple, an article writer reminded me of the Conscious Competence Learning Matrix which sounds complicated — but isn’t. Basically there are 4 stages of learning any new skill and being able to perform it with confidence. Upon beginning a new skill, even if there is some familiarity, there is the phase of Unconscious Incompetence where… Read More

Homeschooling and Missions

I was reading, in my quiet time recently, about the Old Testament tabernacle. It must have been such a holy moment when God’s presence, represented by a cloud, came down upon the mercy seat. His cloud would just sit there when it was time for the people to stay in a location but then it would lift when it was time for the… Read More

This Week at Heart of the Matter

It’s a cold, snowy morning here in the Colorado Rockies.  I’ve got my coffee sitting beside me and my computer on my lap facing the big window that looks out over the mountains. I’m excited to wake to a quiet house, (everyone is still sleeping!) and to spend some time reading and being encouraged by God’s word and some wonderful… Read More

What Will They Remember?

Homeschooling gave me precious time with my children.  Time to teach them academics, life skills, how to develop good character, and more.  There are many moments throughout their childhoods that are deeply memorable to me.  Since my children are young adults now, we talk sometimes about our homeschooling days.  Our memories are like a Venn diagram, with a good amount… Read More