He Is Our Teacher

When I first began homeschooling, I was nervous about teaching my children. I wasn’t a trained teacher, nor did I feel equipped.  I lacked confidence. Thankfully, there was such an abundance of curriculum available, that I soon became more at ease with the task set before me. After all, God is the One who put me on this path, and He… Read More

Valentine’s Day Celebration

If you are like me, you went to a traditional school when you were growing up. I realize this is changing as more and more first generation homeschoolers have children, but I think the majority of us had no idea homeschooling even existed when we were children. (On the other hand, maybe I’m just showing my age… but we don’t… Read More

Learning Disabilities and Struggling Learners

Many parents have students who are struggling learners.  Could art be the answer to their problem?  When I began to compose my ideas for this article, I typed in the word “Special” and went to this wonderful poem found at this web address: http://gyanguru.org/meaning-of-word-special/ “Special” is a word that is used to describe something one-of-a-kind like a hug or a… Read More


Teaching Conflict Resolution to our Children One of the biggest blessings of being a homeschool family is the ABUNDANCE of time we have together. The quality and depth of conversations, silly laughs, meal-time discussions, and fun activities together have grown such a tight bond between us all that I couldn’t begin to describe with words. I know this special season won’t last forever and… Read More

Not the Teacher I Meant to Be

When I was in high school, I watched, studied, and breathlessly absorbed the movie Dead Poet’s Society.  I loved that movie! Loved it!  The story, the angst, the passion, the literature, the beauty of the whole thing was captivating. It had me standing on my basement coffee table weeping and shouting, “Captain, My Captain!” right along with the rest of… Read More