Heart of the Matter Online Fall Conference Speaker: Felice Gerwitz

 Creation Science – Teaching Science Out of the Box: Innovative Ideas to Help Make Your Year Memorable with Felice Gerwitz You may know Felice Gerwitz as an author and publisher, but did you know that she use to consider science drudgery? The thought of performing experiments with her children reminded Felice of her attempts to […]

New Beginnings

Don’t you just love the sight of the UPS truck at the end of your driveway? Up walks the man in the brown suit with a great big box under his arm and you know what he’s got: this year’s school books. If you are like me, ordering many books from many different distributors, you […]


I Was Missing an “f”

For the past few months or so, I’ve been promoting a local homeschooling event. I’ve been super excited about the ability to have Todd Wilson come speak to homeschoolers in our area. I figured out how to sell tickets online, inserted the necessary information, and then started to promote it on Facebook. I put a […]

Lessons Learned Outside the Classroom

A good curriculum should be appreciated, because it can make teaching more effective and learning more memorable. Over the years, I’ve spent money on some materials that were worth the investment and others that just were so-so. In addition to educating my children with quality materials and a biblical worldview, I really hoped that they […]


Family History – Learn It!

“Mom, can tell me a story about _______?” This question is often asked at our house with the variations of dad, grandma, aunt so-and-so, or great-grandpa inserted in the blank. Children love to hear stories, there is no doubt about that. They especially love to hear stories about family members both immediate and extended. Studies […]

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