Reasons Your Student Shouldn’t Go to College

Every decision we make is based around our motives. Motives are important. If your motives are wrong, then chances are, you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing. No matter how good it may be. College is one of those things in life that everyone does. Whether it be good or bad, most do it because […]

Reasons Why Your Student Shouldn't Go to College - By Justin Gregoire

How to Avoid the Homeschool Blues, Part One

  Originally I had planned to offer this series on Avoiding the Homeschool Blues only to our newsletter and blog subscribers. However, after thinking about it more, I realized this series is one that could be helpful to SO many moms this time of year. The blues tend to affect all of us from time to […]

It’s Coming: The End in Mind Homeschooling Lifestyle Conference

The End in Mind Conference is just three and a half weeks away and we are working diligently in preparation for all of you who are going to be attending.  It promises to be a wonderful time of encouragement, information, and information for so many areas of our lives.  Just look at some of the […]

God Taught the Tough Stuff: Will You?

There are lovely stories in the Bible.  Children’s movies have been made of these stories; devotionals for the young are full of them.  But God also covered the tough areas, as in the rape of Tamar by her brothers.   He dealt with the incestuous acts of Lot and his daughters.   He covered the beheading of […]

God Taught the Tough Stuff  Will You - By Belinda Bullard

Can You Homeschool and Work at Home?

One of the questions I am asked most often as a work at home homeschool mom is “How do you do it all?” The answer? I don’t! I have been working from home since 2009, first as an in home child care provider, and now as a freelancer. I love it! And our family has benefited […]

Can You Homeschool & Work at Home?

The Art of Writing (Part 1)

When one mentions the word “February”, the image most popular is likely that of a heart or cupid—something related to Valentine’s Day. That shouldn’t be too surprising given that Valentine’s Day is fourth on the list of most expensive holidays; Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter are the top three. I read somewhere that Cupid may […]

The Art of Writing - By Rebecca McCoil

How to Make Routines Work for You (even if you are a free spirit)

It’s easy to look at routines as heavy shackles to drag around and feel obligated to.  At least for me, the word “routine” has always been kind of a bad word.  It gave me visions of being tied down and inflexible. A routine is not meant to be a rut. It is meant to be […]

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