Parenting and Education – Beginning with the End in Mind-Season One, Episode One

  In this episode we delve deeper into what it means to begin with the end in mind with the journey with our families…specifically parenting.  Beginning parenting with the end in mind isn’t about setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves or our children.  It’s more about seeking out what God has called our individual families to […]

Bending, Bending, Snap!

So many times I have found myself being forced to be flexible.  There have been times when I have been triumphant, and there have been times when I have hung my head in defeat…times when I was bending, bending…and then finally..SNAP! Journaling is such a great way to see what God has been teaching you […]

Spring Fever?

Spring has sprung and it is a wonderful time to enrich your homeschool. Get outside and enjoy the warmth. Look at the birds, the flowers, and the trees. Smell the fresh air. Breathe anew.  Spring has always been my favorite season and it is a wonderful time to homeschool. The year is coming to a […]


7 Surprising Benefits of Standardized Testing

Do you hate giving your kids tests? Do your kids hate taking those tests? Even if you don’t love standardized tests, they do bring some surprising benefits to homeschool families! Now understand, I’m not a big proponent of tests myself, and we only used tests in about half of our classes when we homeschooled. However, […]

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