No Homeschool is Perfect

When I was in public high school, my best friend took jewelry-making, and I took a class called “Polynesian History.” They were considered easy classes. My niece took a class called “Sports Communication” and another called “Baseball History.” One student I know of earned high school credit for baking pre-made cookie dough all year. Scoop, plop, 10 minutes, repeat, and… Read More

Homeschooling is Messy

There are so many times that homeschooling is glorious. Really, it can be so full of joy many days. There are the days when everything falls into place and the schedule works, the curriculum works, and it all just feels glorious! I am grateful for those days. Yet, many days…often the days no one talks about…are messy. Very, very messy…. Read More

I Will NEVER Homeschool!

(#2 in the series:  The End is Near…for my homeschooling that is!) How many times have I heard moms say that they will NEVER homeschool, only to find them firmly planted in the trenches of homeschooling a few years later? I was no exception. Twenty-three years ago we began homeschooling.  It wasn’t a big spiritual decision at the time.  It was a… Read More