Whose Standards?

With the current educational emphasis on learning standards for academic areas with the concomitant benchmarks to keep track of progress, I think the emphasis on frequent testing has overshadowed the purpose of education.  I have friends who are teachers in public and private school settings and they express frustration not only at the number of […]

Whose Standards?

The Reality of Comparisons

I think one of the most difficult lessons to learn in this world is to be content with the way God made us, and not to compare ourselves to others. It’s especially difficult in a world that is so visible. We all know media, books, magazines, FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and blogs can be wonderfully […]

The Reality of Comparisons

The In-Between Times

Between a rock and a hard place. In-between the here and now and what’s to come. Transitioning. Whatever you want to call it, not being able to “categorize” where you are in life can sometimes be unsettling. I have survived several in-between times…some more serious than others. in-between houses in-between jobs in-between relationships in-between stages […]

Strategies for Creating Family Unity – Season 2, Episode 2

Do you ever get to a point where you wish you could just get everyone in the family on the same page and moving forward instead of facing confusion and division?  I think we have all felt that way at one time or another.  Unity is such an important part of family life.  We don’t […]

Strategies for Creating Family Unity Podcast - By Lori Lane from The End in Mind

College Application: The Parent’s Role

Are you dreading the college application process? It is time-sensitive and very involved. Each college has unique requirements. Competition can be fierce and each application demands close attention. The rewards of success can be great but the risks of failure can seem disastrous! What kind of parent will you be when it comes to college […]

College Application Parent Role

Activity: An Amazing Benefit to Homeschooling

One of the reasons l have fallen in love with homeschooling is that it allows my children to learn in all different environments. As Spring begins to blossom around us, and the days gets longer and warmer, they are able to get outside and explore. They can MOVE. I have children that are very different- […]

Activity: An Amazing Benefit to Homeschooling


   This past week found my home city of Nashville gridlocked by ice and snow. Because much snowfall is rare down here now, everything comes to an almost complete stop. Universities close–bread and milk fly off the grocery shelves–and people stay home in droves.    With all my complaining of how busy we all are […]

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