Swans in Art, Music and Literature

Swans are very beautiful. The have many interesting qualities including being monogamous. One of the most famous pictures of a swan is the one by the great master artist Audubon. Notice the use of atmospheric perspective in the background of the picture. There are three values of the color blue in the sky. Do you […]

Swans in Art, Music and Literature - By Sharon Jeffus

When We’re Offended

I have a headful of curly hair and I love it. My hair is big and beautiful, but it has a mind of its own. Sometimes my hair cooperates with me and I move through the day with smooth, well-defined curls. On other days, my hair does its own thing and I spend the day […]

When We’re Offended - By Andrea Thorpe

One Plus One Equals Three

“There are three kinds of people in this world. Those who are good at math and those who aren’t.” My friend once posted that quote on Facebook, and it made me laugh because I’m a journalist married to a mechanical engineer. Math certainly isn’t my favorite subject – but it sure gets discussed plenty in […]

One Plus One Equals Three - By Diana Barto

The Importance of Margins

When we teach our children to write, part of that process involves instructing them to leave spaces between words and sentences.  We show them how to leave some space empty on either side of the page, and in some cases we use paper that has a line down the left side to provide a kind […]

The Importance of Margins - By Melinda Boring

Lighten Your Workload

It seems a Momma’s work is never done. From the moment our feet hit the floor, most of us never stop moving until we collapse sometime between dinner and the late show. For many years it was diapers, feedings and loads of laundry. Our minds were filled with meal plans and making time to grocery […]

Lighten Your Workload - By Lorrie Young

Letting Go and Staying Close

Regardless of their differences and unique choices, homeschoolers have one thing in common. Homeschoolers love their children and like being around them – most days, anyway. Life is not always blissful and homeschool children don’t always behave perfectly. I know, because I’ve been there myself! We tend to forget about the bad days and feel […]

Letting Go - By Lee Binz

“If He Were Just…”

   What if the main complaint you heard from your husband about your role in the home was “I just wish my wife was more of a successful home economist?”What would that mean? What exactly would be that job description? Would it mean that you needed to be a better cook—more frugal shopper–more organized—a better […]

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