The End in Mind Homeschooling Lifestyle Conference

March 6-7, 2015

Skyview Church, Centennial, CO

“Because there is more to life than homeschooling, and more to homeschooling than just doing school.”

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Keynote Speakers




Ashley Wiggers, Homeschooling Today

Ashley Wiggers grew up in the early days of the homeschooling movement. She was taught by her late mother, Debbie Strayer, who was an educator, speaker and the author of numerous homeschooling materials. It was through Debbie’s encouragement and love that Ashley learned the value of being homeschooled. Currently, Ashley is the Editor-in-Chief of Homeschooling Today magazine, Public Relations Director for Geography Matters and the author of the Profiles from History series. Ashley makes her home in Somerset, KY, with her husband, Alex, and their faithful Golden Retriever, Mandy.


How Do You Keep a Long Term Perspective? 

It can be difficult to keep the big picture of homeschooling in mind amidst the trials of everyday life. Ashley will share about what really matters in the end, from a homeschool graduate’s perspective. She will speak to common concerns on the hearts and minds of parents and bring encouragement for the journey ahead.

Practical Ways to Develop Critical Thinking

Thinking skills are buzzwords in education today – everyone wants to include them in their curriculum plans! In this seminar, Ashley will explain what thinking skills are and how to incorporate strategies into daily life that will bring great results in your child’s ability to think. Include these ideas to add critical thinking to any curriculum!


Danielle Sterner, Brandpoet

Danielle Sterner is a creative communicator with passions for young people and the arts. She is the Vice President and Co-Owner of Brandpoet Creative Services, mother of four and half amazing teenagers (the half being a cousin whom she home-schools;), daughter of live-in parents, and wife of Kevin Sterner, super creator and visionary co-leader of their innovative life and work. Danielle has over 20 years of experience in Educational and Ministry Leadership, and Arts Directing, as well as a gift for public speaking and motivating people. Her life-calling is to mentor young people and those who lead them. Danielle’s unique ability to challenge and direct young people was honed in the service of schools, churches, and non-profit organizations, but is most enjoyed now in the context of hospitality in her home. She and her household of 10 have welcomed and served thousands of guests and groups in Suburban Atlanta over the past 11 years. Her favorite things are hearing her children and their friends express the arts, artisan chocolate, old buildings, and climbing into cold high-thread-count sheets at the end of a fulfilling day.


Lori lane

Lori Lane, The End in Mind and Artios Academies

Lori Lane is a passionate educator and mentor for both students and parents wishing to live life intentionally with the end in mind.  She is a homeschool veteran of over 20 years and has been associated with arts education for over 31 years. She and the love of her life, John, have been married for thirty-one years and live on a small ranch in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. They have four sons ranging in age from 16 to 29, two amazing daughter-in-loves and three beautiful granddaughters.

Lori’s life calling is to assist in helping the next generation to be “artios”…fully prepared and thoroughly equipped for all that God calls them to be. Whether it is speaking to groups of parents, instructing students in the classroom, writing curriculum, coaching music and theater, or writing for various publications, Lori uses her life experiences to inform, inspire, and encourage others to addresses children as whole hearted, unique individuals created for a specific purpose by THE creator.

Lori and her husband John minister through Artios Academies, a nationwide creative and integrated homeschool program and curriculum, and through The End in Mind website and podcast.

Date: March 6, 2015—March 7, 2015
Event: The End in Mind Homeschooling Lifestyle Conference Keynote Speakers
Topic: The End in Mind Homeschooling Lifestyle Conference
Sponsor: The End in Mind
Venue: Skyview Church
Location: 251 E. Sterne Blvd.
Centennial, CO 80122
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

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