Returning to Your Roots by Debbie Strayer

Ancient history evokes pictures of amazing structures and advanced civilizations, togas and pyramids, warriors and chariots. Somewhere, I fear, our focus on the cultures considered by the world as prominent has obscured our view of what is really important – our Biblical roots. Dr. Beechick’s words on this topic ring true. “One reason that connections […]

The Joy of Flexibility

For the first two years of homeschooling, I created extremely detailed schedules for every day. It sounded something like this: 8am – Breakfast, 8:15am – Bible and Prayer Time 8:30am Craft Time, 8:45am Math, etc. Then within that schedule would be the daily lists of what each fifteen minutes would entail. It felt like every […]

Daddy’s Home. Who cares?

Craig walked in the door after being gone for ten long days. He climbed the few stairs from the garage, stepped into the kitchen, sat down his travel bags and said, “I’m home!” “Hi sweetie,” Sue Ellen chirped from the kitchen where she was stirring a big bowl of batter. “Hey Dad,” said their son […]

Staying Organized on the Go: Co-ops

  Homeschool co-ops can be a wonderful enhancement to our home studies. But it always seems to be a hassle to remember all of the books and materials we need each week/day, not to mention the times when we’ve had to turn the car around because little Susie left her essay in the printer tray […]

Inspiring Greatness

  ‘On October 3, 1904, I opened the doors of my school, with an enrollment of five little girls…whose parents paid me fifty cents’ weekly tuition…I considered cash money as the smallest part of my resources.  I had faith in a living God, faith in myself, and a desire to serve…That’s how the Bethune-Cookman college […]


If you have ever visited my personal blog, you may have noticed the brilliant photo on the footer. The Fuel sign is both the title and the focus of my little writings here. You get it right? Fuel for thought? Good; just making sure we were all up on our symbolism. (There.  You just studied […]

Our Hope is in…Homeschooling?

We chose to homeschool our children for various reasons, the main reason being that we started out our parenting journey with not agreeing on the type of schooling for our soon-to-be-born daughter.  Nate wanted private school, and I couldn’t see sending her anywhere but public school.  God changed both of our hearts and drew us […]

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