Teaching Reluctant Writers

Do you have a child who doesn’t like to write? I’m not talking about the handwriting aspect, although if there is a difficulty with the mechanical skills needed for writing then that should be addressed. The type of reluctant writer I’m talking about is the child who CAN write but just doesn’t want to and […]

Crucial College Visits

College visits can be fun and exciting. Thank goodness, too, because they are a crucial ingredient to successfully launching your child. After all, one of the places you visit is (hopefully!) going to be where your child will live for four years of their life! That’s why visiting is such a crucial step in the […]


Corralling Curriculum

Homeschooling is fun, isn’t it? Especially for those of us who feel as if we were “born to teach.” Yet even amidst the best efforts of a highly organized person, it’s very easy to quickly become overwhelmed with the amount of paper output! I wanted to share with you today the system I set up […]


Three Reasons Why Music Is Important in Your Homeschool

Music Education is often overlooked in many homeschools. Well meaning parents spend hours planning for just the right math, reading, history, and science curriculums. Music (and art for that matter), always seem to fall in last place when it comes to educational “requirements” for our children. As a musician, this greatly disheartens me, but as […]


How to Show Your Kids the Heart of God – Part 2

This is Part 2 of a 3 part series. Purpose and destiny – The culture is trying to convince our children they have no real purpose, so they might as well do what they want when they want. Don’t worry about consequences – you don’t have anything to lose anyway. WRONG – each one of […]

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