The Power of Words

I can’t tell you how many times I hear a mom debasing her kids, telling me how “sick and tired” she is of the things her children are doing or how her children are, “driving (her) crazy!” I think it’s more common to hear of something a child is doing wrong than something a child […]

HE Sees You

It was just yesterday, wasn’t it?  The sweet smell of a baby engulfed my mind…as I sat and rocked…the babes. The three I was blessed with. I can close my eyes and go back to that time…the moments that seem to last an eternity.  Moments filled with joy, exhaustion, and love – a love that […]

Family Read Alouds

One of the traditions in our family is our nightly gathering for our family read-alouds. The kids love to snuggle under quilts while lounging on couches or bean bags. It’s a quiet time spent relaxing from a busy or trying day. There are just a few rules that have to be followed: 1. Everyone must […]


Happy September! There are back to school signs everywhere, cool breezes are finally blowing, and it’s almost time for my favorite drink at Starbucks. (I’m a purist, and have strict rules regarding the consumption of holiday beverages: no caramel apple ciders until the first day of fall, and no peppermint mochas until Black Friday. Weird, […]

6 Tips for Inspiring Your Child to Write

If you have more than one child, you already know how they all have different personalities, spiritual gifts, and learning styles. I’m convinced this affects the kind of writing they love to do. I have four children, and the journey to equip them to write has been interesting and challenging at times. Visual learners often […]

Review of Chess is Child’s Play by Laura Sherman

    What an awesome book! Chess Is Child’s Play by Laura Sherman and Bill Kilpatrick explains how to teach chess to children using a detailed step progression, even if the parents have never played chess before. I give Chess is Child’s Play a five star rating. Chess is Child’s Play gives several examples where chess was taught […]

For “the Littles”

One of the best ways that I kept my younger child occupied (while still giving them an educational, interactive outlet) while I did school with my older child was with something called “activity bags.” You can make activity bags, bins, folders, boxes, whatever — it’s just a neat way to organize separate activities for one-at-a-time […]

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