How Children Make Decisions

Have you ever wondered why some kids are picky eaters and others willingly try anything you offer them? Maybe you have one child who absolutely loves workbooks and another who thinks paper and pencil tasks should be outlawed as cruel and unusual punishment. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get inside our children’s heads […]

College Scholarships from Having Fun

If you have children approaching college age, or you even think that college might be in your child’s future, probably one of your biggest concerns is how to pay for it. College is expensive, and nobody wants their children to be saddled with a bunch of loans when they graduate. I have some great news! […]


Building a Child…and a Building Child

Parenting is tough, yes? Perhaps in some ways, more so for those of us who have chosen to follow the path of homeschooling. There are so many pressures—extended family members who might not be supportive, feeling alone in our choices, and wanting our children to AT LEAST meet and exceed the standards of the educational […]


Top Unschooling Questions Answered.

There are so many questions that people ask me, both homeschooling families and not, about unschooling homeschooling.  Unschooling can be misunderstood and can actually be defined differently among families; but I think it does have a common denominator and that is that it gives children the freedom to learn and draw from their interests. Everyone […]

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