Teachable moments in Spanish

Christmas is around the corner and we have so much to do! This is an incredible moment to review colors, shapes, numbers, and to wrap up what we have learned during the year. I made a special Christmas pack to invite my kids to help Santa in his workshop. My goals for this lesson: To […]

Teachable Moments in Spanish

Christmas in Spain

Christmas in Spain is celebrated much differently than in America. One major difference? Santa Claus is no where to be found! In Spain, the Christmas season is marked by several special days of celebration. From beginning to end the Christmas festivities last about a month long. It officially begins on December 8 (that’s tomorrow!) for […]

A Mid-Year Tuneup for Your Homeschool

It’s that time of year … the most wonderful time of the homeschool year … Christmas break! In our house, that means a whole month of no school. A month of playing in jammies, of enjoying our Christmas trees, baking cookies, wrapping gifts, reading every Christmas-y book we can find, and decompressing from the usual […]

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Because I Said So!

Children are inquisitive. They are born with curiosity and a drive to explore their environment. Just think about a newly-mobile toddler eagerly investigating every nook and cranny of a room, every piece of fuzz or dead bug, every cigarette butt or pebble on the sidewalk. The young child’s need to learn and explore seems insatiable. […]


Break the Cycle of Boredom: Build a Habit of Being

My son Taylor has remarked more than once that Danny Champion of the World is his all time favorite elementary read. Having a dad who is a real life inventor, I’m my son could really relate to this story. But like many young readers, I’m sure Taylor was simply drawn into Roald Dahl’s clever tale […]

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