Top Ten Summer School Ideas!

Summer is coming and everyone can use a break, but that doesn’t mean the learning ever stops. Here are some ways to relax this summer while keeping the learning going: 1. Take a nature hike. Now is a great time to put to use all of that science information you learned during the year. Observe plants, animals, etc. Or head… Read More

7 Ways to Recognize Great Books, Part 2

Last month, I listed some of the criteria our family uses to judge whether a book is worth our time and effort to read: 1.  Does it teach something important in an engaging and impactful way? 2.  Does it inspire to goodness? 3.  Does it convey imaginative and memorable ideas? 4.  Does it uphold traditional biblical values and model good… Read More

How to Host a Children’s Book Club

Host a summer book club this year with your children and enjoy watching them fall in love with reading, sharing and dissecting books together, with friends.  I have hosted many book clubs for my girls and wanted to share what I’ve done to inspire you to give it a try if you haven’t already. My oldest wasn’t much of a… Read More