Simple Autumn Preschool

This year in addition to my middle schooler and elementary schoolers, I now have an “official preschooler.” I love having my littlest home with us learning alongside his brothers and sister. He listens along and picks up so much information just by being with us. Many people ask what preschool curriculum I use. My answer […]

Planner Perfect Planner

Fall is quickly approaching. I don’t think I’m alone when I say I absolutely love this month. The pumpkin patch, hoodies, football games, hot apple cider to name a few, but are we organized with our family’s wardrobe? Do they have what they need to get through until spring? Don’t shop on the fly. It’s […]

Homeschooling With the Five Senses

Inspirations for adding richness to our home enviroment and homeschooling can be found everywhere, but where better to begin than with our five senses? Here are some thoughts to prompt your own *adding of richness*.   Taste: make your geography lesson come to life at the dinner table. We’ve explored Egyptian, Indian, German, and Native […]

Homeschooling Preschoolers

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of middle ground when it comes to preschoolers. Either parents are anxious to begin their homeschooling journey and go out and buy full curriculums for their four and five year olds, or they are desperately searching for answers as to how to entertain these little people while […]

Missional Homeschooling

I read an article online this week which asserted that Christian homeschoolers are not a people of mission.  And it truly didn’t give any homeschooler an out.  The author purported that because we don’t take part in the government school structure we are destroying society and failing our Christian purpose.  It assumed that we keep […]

The Best Teaching Tip No One Ever Tells You

Be quiet. That’s right. Stop talking some times, especially at critical thinking moments. This is one of THE hardest things for me to do. Here’s how I typically get it wrong. “So Glenn, you’ve got two fractions and you need to divide one by the other.” He begins to think. He’s working it out in […]

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