High School Step-by-Step

Is homeschooling high school an overwhelming task? Instead of looking at the big picture, sometimes it helps to focus on smaller, simpler tasks to achieve your goals. If you just look at the end result, “High School Transcript” or “College Admission,” you may become overwhelmed. Consider the story in the Bible about Jesus changing water […]

Expanding the Options for Home Schooled High School Students

Dare to Compare High School Diploma Programs from Excellent Colleges and Universities Nationwide Students can broaden their prospects of acceptance into college after graduation from high school through support available from the National College Counseling Center and earn their high school diploma from a regionally accredited college or university, while accelerating their progress to a […]

Words that Represent You and Yet Influence Others

Any homeschooling parent of a college-bound homeschooler learns quickly the importance of documentation.   Not only is the documentation important, but, apparently, appropriate or inappropriate verbiage can make a big difference.    Texas is such a homeschool-friendly state that the only documentation I have kept in the past are those files that satisfied my own needs as […]

Grading Without Tests

Have you ever wondered…. “What grade do you put on a transcript when you don’t use a test?” My son Kevin thought my homeschool grades were stupid. “Who’s going to believe the grades my Mom gives me?” he would say. Then he took classes at community college! The professors gave credit for class attendance, participation, […]

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