Decoding College Admission Policies

Navigating college admission requirements can be intimidating, especially for homeschoolers. Big words, scary phrases, acronyms … it’s hard to cut through the code of admission policies! But take heart, once you break down to see what’s behind all the edu-speak, usually you will find college policies are fairly reasonable. Let’s look at some admission policies […]

Decoding College

Teaching Financial Responsibility

You’d think that by the time one turns eighteen, that person should already be off on their own, living life and making responsible adult decisions. Unfortunately, human nature suggests otherwise. You see college students making bad financial decisions all the time, whether be maximizing credit card debt or making careless use of student loans. You’d […]

Justin shares how parents can teach their kids about financial responsibility.

Having a Student Apply for a Job

 If you ever want your child to be successful in getting established in their career, they first need to get a job. Employers look for more than just a piece of paper saying that your child is qualified to work. Aside from the technical skills expected of one pursuing such a career, they want to […]


7 Surprising Benefits of Standardized Testing

Do you hate giving your kids tests? Do your kids hate taking those tests? Even if you don’t love standardized tests, they do bring some surprising benefits to homeschool families! Now understand, I’m not a big proponent of tests myself, and we only used tests in about half of our classes when we homeschooled. However, […]


Difficult Time With Challenging Teens

It can happen without warning. One day your child is a pleasure to be around, cooperative, and maybe even enthusiastic about learning. Then bam! It all changes! Difficult times can arrive unexpectedly! Terrible teenage years can happen to any child, boy or girl, but it doesn’t happen to all children. Homeschool parents may feel uncomfortable […]

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