Having a Student Apply for a Job

 If you ever want your child to be successful in getting established in their career, they first need to get a job. Employers look for more than just a piece of paper saying that your child is qualified to work. Aside from the technical skills expected of one pursuing such a career, they want to […]


7 Surprising Benefits of Standardized Testing

Do you hate giving your kids tests? Do your kids hate taking those tests? Even if you don’t love standardized tests, they do bring some surprising benefits to homeschool families! Now understand, I’m not a big proponent of tests myself, and we only used tests in about half of our classes when we homeschooled. However, […]


Difficult Time With Challenging Teens

It can happen without warning. One day your child is a pleasure to be around, cooperative, and maybe even enthusiastic about learning. Then bam! It all changes! Difficult times can arrive unexpectedly! Terrible teenage years can happen to any child, boy or girl, but it doesn’t happen to all children. Homeschool parents may feel uncomfortable […]

difficult times challenging teens

Homeschool Socialization on Display

Preparing Your Child for College Interviews   People ask “What about socialization?” When will that really matter?  Homeschool socialization matters the most during college and job interviews. Imagine you’re at the end of your homeschooling journey and you’ve done an excellent job giving your kids an education. They are intelligent, social, passionate human beings. They […]


To Know Whether College is Really Worth It

College is expensive. Even with factoring in inflation, the cost for higher education is much greater than it was thirty years ago. For me, it cost over $3,000 to take a semester’s worth of courses at a 4-year university, and that’s actually pretty cheap. The bad news is that costs will continue to rise until […]

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