Don’t Forget Course Descriptions!

Have you been procrastinating about putting together your homeschool records? Don’t forget about course descriptions! A great way to prove the rigorous nature of your homeschool is by writing course descriptions. Course descriptions are especially valuable for college-bound kids because colleges want to know exactly what was taught and how rigorous the nature of those […]

Dont Forget Course Descriptions

College Application: The Parent’s Role

Are you dreading the college application process? It is time-sensitive and very involved. Each college has unique requirements. Competition can be fierce and each application demands close attention. The rewards of success can be great but the risks of failure can seem disastrous! What kind of parent will you be when it comes to college […]

College Application Parent Role

Are You Doing Too Much?

Are you doing too much? It’s a temptation when parents feel stressed about high school. Some parents tend to go overboard with the homeschool workload. Is that you? At first, parents just aren’t sure what homeschool high school should look like. Then in sophomore and junior year, in a panic over college, they pile even more work on […]

Are You Doing Too Much - By Lee Binz

Reasons Your Student Shouldn’t Go to College

Every decision we make is based around our motives. Motives are important. If your motives are wrong, then chances are, you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing. No matter how good it may be. College is one of those things in life that everyone does. Whether it be good or bad, most do it because […]

Reasons Why Your Student Shouldn't Go to College - By Justin Gregoire

The Art of Writing (Part 1)

When one mentions the word “February”, the image most popular is likely that of a heart or cupid—something related to Valentine’s Day. That shouldn’t be too surprising given that Valentine’s Day is fourth on the list of most expensive holidays; Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter are the top three. I read somewhere that Cupid may […]

The Art of Writing - By Rebecca McCoil

Make College Affordable: Homeschool College

It’s a very familiar story … you had the best of intentions, but you just haven’t been saving for your child’s college tuition as much as you should. Fortunately, much like buying a car, hardly anyone pays the full sticker price for college. Don’t let the tuition price of colleges, especially private schools, scare you. […]

Make College Affordable: Homeschool College

Method to the Madness

For a homeschooled student, college shouldn’t be much different that it is at home: they’re given a set course load to work through for the year, and they must do what they can to manage their time efficiently and work through it in a timely manner. However, your student will no longer have you, the […]

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