Painting a Portrait with College Application Essays

The thought of writing college application essays may fill your child with dread, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Think of each essay as a love letter to the college. Combined, these essays will show the student’s full feelings for the school of their choice. Yes, each essay must be a technically perfect, […]

Painting a Portrait with College Application Essays - By Lee Binz

Reality Check: Homeschoolers Are NOT Entitled to College Admission and Scholarships

Do you have a sense of entitlement? Sure, homeschooling can be difficult, but does that mean your child deserves college admission without even trying? No! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you college admission and scholarships will be easy, just because you homeschool! “Why do I have to do this to get my child […]

Reality Check: Homeschoolers Are NOT Entitled to College Admission and Scholarships  - By Lee Binz

Preparing for the Future

I have reached the point in life when my children are beginning to become adults and move off onto their own. My oldest child moves into her first apartment next week and in the fall my third child will join her brother at college. That’s three out of the house and pretty much in charge […]

Preparing for the Future - By Elizabeth Curry

Don’t Forget Course Descriptions!

Have you been procrastinating about putting together your homeschool records? Don’t forget about course descriptions! A great way to prove the rigorous nature of your homeschool is by writing course descriptions. Course descriptions are especially valuable for college-bound kids because colleges want to know exactly what was taught and how rigorous the nature of those […]

Dont Forget Course Descriptions

College Application: The Parent’s Role

Are you dreading the college application process? It is time-sensitive and very involved. Each college has unique requirements. Competition can be fierce and each application demands close attention. The rewards of success can be great but the risks of failure can seem disastrous! What kind of parent will you be when it comes to college […]

College Application Parent Role

Are You Doing Too Much?

Are you doing too much? It’s a temptation when parents feel stressed about high school. Some parents tend to go overboard with the homeschool workload. Is that you? At first, parents just aren’t sure what homeschool high school should look like. Then in sophomore and junior year, in a panic over college, they pile even more work on […]

Are You Doing Too Much - By Lee Binz

Reasons Your Student Shouldn’t Go to College

Every decision we make is based around our motives. Motives are important. If your motives are wrong, then chances are, you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing. No matter how good it may be. College is one of those things in life that everyone does. Whether it be good or bad, most do it because […]

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