Swans in Art, Music and Literature

Swans are very beautiful. The have many interesting qualities including being monogamous. One of the most famous pictures of a swan is the one by the great master artist Audubon. Notice the use of atmospheric perspective in the background of the picture. There are three values of the color blue in the sky. Do you […]

Swans in Art, Music and Literature - By Sharon Jeffus

Are You Doing Too Much?

Are you doing too much? It’s a temptation when parents feel stressed about high school. Some parents tend to go overboard with the homeschool workload. Is that you? At first, parents just aren’t sure what homeschool high school should look like. Then in sophomore and junior year, in a panic over college, they pile even more work on […]

Are You Doing Too Much - By Lee Binz

A Hard Road Paved with Grace

At a crossroads. That’s where our homeschool journey began. By God’s grace, we felt peace that the public school path was not an option for our soon-to-be Kindergartner. But still two paths remained: private school and homeschool. The private school option seemed like the most obvious route, especially since our oldest daughter was already attending […]

A Hard Road Paved with Grace - By Diana Barto

The Art of Writing (Part 1)

When one mentions the word “February”, the image most popular is likely that of a heart or cupid—something related to Valentine’s Day. That shouldn’t be too surprising given that Valentine’s Day is fourth on the list of most expensive holidays; Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter are the top three. I read somewhere that Cupid may […]

The Art of Writing - By Rebecca McCoil

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly, but Where Does Homeschooling Fit In?

Every December, despite my best intentions, I become an unschooler. Now, I have nothing against unschooling; it is just generally a form of homeschooling that doesn’t suit our family as well as the slightly structured version we usually practice. But there is something about December that does me in every year. While it may be […]

'Tis the Season to be Jolly but Where Does Homeschooling Fit In

Harry Truman

“Who has despised the day of small things?” (Zechariah 4:10). I imagine each of us has considered something that seemed insignificant and thought, “Oh, that doesn’t matter.” The person in need overlooked, the small act of kindness that would have only taken a second or two, the step or two out of the way to […]

Top 5 Fun Math Resources

For some kids, math is not a favorite. Why not mix your math instruction up with some fun? Here are five categories with a few ideas: Math Games for Kids Equate– a game that plays like Scrabble, but you make number sentences instead. This one goes way beyond Smath and can engage middle and high […]

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