A Hard Road Paved with Grace

At a crossroads. That’s where our homeschool journey began. By God’s grace, we felt peace that the public school path was not an option for our soon-to-be Kindergartner. But still two paths remained: private school and homeschool. The private school option seemed like the most obvious route, especially since our oldest daughter was already attending […]

A Hard Road Paved with Grace - By Diana Barto

Children, Books, and Train Schedules

Like many homeschooling families, we are a family of book lovers. Each of our children’s spouses have fit right in to a book loving family; they love books, too. When we moved into this house almost ten years ago, we had simple pine floor to ceiling shelving built in the room the previous owner used […]

Homeschooling with Toddlers

The key to successful homeschooling with toddlers is preparedness. Knowing this now, as I do, all the year round I keep an eye out at garage sales, thrift stores, and craft blogs for activities, inexpensive ones, that will keep a toddler’s attention. I don’t spend much money on busy activities for my toddlers, and many […]

Availability and its Effect on Learning

As I was pondering what to write for a post this month, my five-year-old sat on the floor nearby playing with some frozen orange juice lids that I had made into math manipulatives.  He set them up from 0 to 9 going one way, then rearranged them so they were going backwards.  So I took […]

The First Five Years

I was talking with some parents trying to get a feel for what the most important thing their child(ren) learned before the age of 5. I got a lot of “potty training,” “socialization,” “reading” and “how to be away from mommy.” Most of their answers focused on the child being ready for kindergarten at a […]

The First Five Years - By LaToya Edwards

Five Manners Your Preschooler Should Master

When my oldest son was a preschooler, we were at a birthday party. We were waiting for our turn to hit the piñata, when I saw a man in front of me tell his children to move to the back of the line so the younger children could go first.  Although my son was one […]

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