What Will They Remember?

Homeschooling gave me precious time with my children.  Time to teach them academics, life skills, how to develop good character, and more.  There are many moments throughout their childhoods that are deeply memorable to me.  Since my children are young adults now, we talk sometimes about our homeschooling days.  Our memories are like a Venn diagram, with a good amount… Read More

Sensory Assault

In the theater, we sit in anticipation of my daughter’s very favorite movie series. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings are current obsessions of my sweet girl. She loves these stories, the video games, Legos, and movies. This was an exciting time for her. When the movie finally starts I glance over at her expecting to see a facial… Read More

Crazy Crashing Hugs

I love showing affection to my children.  Stroking their hair back from their cute faces, an encouraging hand on the shoulder when schoolwork is challenging, and hugs throughout the day have been part of my expression of maternal love over the years. While my children seemed to enjoy it, and even seek it out when they needed a little tender… Read More