Confessions of a Curricaholic – Take 2

Stressed. Overwhelmed. Guilty.

That is how I felt last year when I looked around at the overflowing bookcases, unopened (educational!) games in the closet, and my expanding need/want list for the next school year. How in the world could I get all of this curriculum under control? Was there a way to turn this situation around? Would I be able to get what I needed for the next year?

Let me tell you, my home was not pleasant when I got like this. I turned into one mean and grumpy, ugly bear of a momma! And you would think that after having a few years of homeschooling under my belt, I would’ve known better. But noooooo… Instead, I got carried away and took those few extra years to accumulate more STUFF! That just sat there! All of these good ideas and wonderful bargains wasted because they didn’t fit into our lesson plans at all for the entire year… or three.

So what’s a momma bear to do?

I did what we discussed in my previous post— wrote down goals for each of my children, created a simple budget for my homeschool (you could make yours more elaborate than my pencil jotted notes on a .10 cent spiral notebook), and made an inventory of what I already had in my educational arsenal…er, resource library. And guess what? It worked!

I ended up having two extra-jumbo plastic bins of used curriculum on my hands! I quickly carted it all down to my (not so) local homeschool book store. This store was worth the drive to the other side of town because they actually bought used curriculum. Can you believe that they actually gave me money for all of that? And I’m not talking pocket change either– but a whopping $327!!!


(See? I told you I had a lot of stuff–those pics up there are understatements!)

Since I was already at this store-o-plenty (and since gas wasn’t cheap!), I scoured the shelves, nooks and crannies, selecting almost all of what I needed for the next school year. With the money they gave me in hand, I had a blast picking and choosing, hemming and hawing.

If it wasn’t for the make-your-own moccasin kits and giving in to the requests of my 3yo that he just had to have the wooden stacking-sorter-puzzle thingy, I might have walked out of that store with enough leftover money for a grande white chocolate mocha to drink on the drive home. But alas, the willpower… it left me.

If you do not have a homeschool store-o-plenty near you, there are other options available for both the selling and the buying of your homeschool curriculum and other interesting items. Our local homeschool support group, for example, organizes a yearly curriculum sale and swap. Perhaps you can organize one in your area too!

For online sources, there is eBay, Homeschool Buy, Used Homeschool Curriculum, HSLDA’s Curriculum Market, Homeschool Classifieds, and the Homeschool Lounge’s Used Curriculum Buy/Sell group.

Do you have a favorite place to purchase your new (or new to you) curriculum? I would love to hear the sources you use or any other ideas for getting rid of selling or swapping your used curriculum!

Okay, now go clean out your closets and shelves and let me know if you have any goodies in there!

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