DIY Art Supply Caddy!

Now that the kids are a little older, I’ve moved away from our formal homeschool “classroom” (which was in our bonus room) and moved us to the dining room table. I’ve had to get creative in areas such as storage of books and paper, but overall, it has been a great switch of scenes for us.

The hardest component of “setting up” and “tearing down” our school days, at least at our house, are the art/craft/office supplies. You know what I am referring to — the hundreds of colored papers, slew of markers, tubs of crayons….not to mention the rulers, staplers, glue bottles, and paper clips.

I began to look for a caddy of some kind that could be a centerpiece on our dining room table during school time. Ideally, the caddy would rotate. I quickly realized that the ideal school supply organizer I had in mind would cost $50 or more.

Instead, I began searching for do-it-yourself options. I quickly put together a handful of different found tutorials and came up with this:


It may not be 100% wood or held together with factory screws, but it works for us, and it’s eclectic and colorful! (Not to mention costing WAY less than $50.)

Depending on the types of materials used, every rotating school supply caddy will be unique and different. Depending on what you’ll find near you, sizes and colors may vary. In general, here’s what you’ll need to make one:


Rotating lazy susan-type spice organizer (at least 10″ wide)

A variety of metal buckets (mine are from a craft store), glass canning jars, or other similar containers

Hot glue gun or E6000 glue


Purchase containers that will fit nicely and evenly-spaced on the lazy susan you plan to use. You may need to try several different sizes and shapes of containers, and/or use more than one type of container on the same project like I did.

Measuring if necessary, place containers evenly on the surface of the rotating base.

One at a time, attach each container with glue of choice, pressing firmly until hot glue sets (or being careful not to upset the containers until the slow-curing glue sets).

Fill with school and art supplies — and enjoy!

Meg Wilson is a devoted wife to her husband, Ken, of 12 years, and mom and homeschooling teacher to her 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter. When she’s not writing or creating something, Meg loves to cook for, host and entertain friends and family. She also enjoys reading, the outdoors, eclectic music, yoga, and studying history. You can read all about her adventures (and misadventures) at her blog, Electric City Academy,,

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