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The holidays are here and with all the fa-la-la-la-la comes presents, big meals, cookie exchanges, Christmas outfits and all the trimmings. Staying in budget and organized for the holidays is tough, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I’d like to share with you that has freed up a lithe extra money for me and has kept me organized the whole holiday season.

Free up money in your grocery budget
Manipulating your grocery money is something I’ve done for years to be able get a little extra of what I need (and want) during the holidays. But how do you do it and not eat mac and cheese every night? Well, with a little planning and effort, you can pull off wonderful, comforting meals, and have presents under the tree. Oh, who are we kidding…and a new outfit for yourself!  

Plan your weekly meals strategically, and with detail. 

This time you will need to plan your breakfasts and lunches. When you manipulate your money from your grocery budget, if you don’t plan every meal down to the snacks, your family will smell a ruse.

Buy baking supplies in bulk. 
I love to buy my flour, vanilla extract, sugars, butter, yeast and spices at Sams or Costco. I save a lot of money this way and bake all holiday long for half the cost if I were to have bought my supplies at a grocery store.


Plan a baking day in your week.
This is a must. Nothing fantastic comes without some effort and this is no exception. Baking, even when not the holidays, is a good idea. It not only saves money, but also more nutritious as you know what ingredients are in your food! Baking breads is a staple around here and don’t be intimidated by this baking bread thing, it is easy and your family will love your efforts. The texture is perfect, the taste is outstanding and the smell is out of this world. Click here for my easy, homemade bread recipe and here for many more delicious, baking day ideas.

Make your baking day fun! 
Put your favorite Christmas music on, light a candle, wrap around your favorite apron, and go to town creating a little Christmas magic!

Organize your gift-giving lists. 

Plan your Christmas! This is so important. You will save money just  by being on top of your gift-giving lists, wardrobes, and baking, by planning it. Keep track of your budget for each person, your coupons and receipts, account for the money used for decor, and most importantly you need something to harness all of these plans…

Introducing Planner Perfect’s Christmas Planner! 

Beautifully designed with dividers to organize your gift lists, donations, holiday baking, card lists and more. Small enough to take with you and can be used year-after-year.

Skip on over to Planner Perfect to get the full scoop on how this planner will keep you organized all Christmas long!

I hope you enjoyed these tips, they are tried-and-true. I have a family of nine and have been using this method for years. Manipulating your grocery money by buying in bulk, planning your meals, implementing a baking day, and organizing your gift lists are all a surefire way to put some fa-la-la-la-la into your holidays.

Have a wonderful time being organized for the holidays, friends! 


Jenny is a homeschooling mama of seven, blogger, speaker, and the creator of the Planner Perfect planners and Method. Her passion is to inspire women to live with purpose and intent; switching focus from task slave to goal aficionado. Her blog, eBook, Planner Perfect planners, and its Method will transform your life by teaching you how to better manage your home, get organized for good, set personal goals, and follow your dreams. Planner Perfect is for women in all seasons of life, and hope to inspire you to be all God created you to be and find joy in everyday life. Jenny also has a tasty food blog, full of meals made from scratch, kid friendly, and fabulous meal tips to keep you organized in your kitchen. Jenny’s blogs are full of homeschooling and organizing tips, kid-friendly meals, how to set goals, resources for moms, and chalked full of inspiration to live with intent. You can find Jenny at and

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