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Homeschool Tracker Plus is an amazing computer based record keeping software program, created by a homeschooling family, for homeschoolers. While there are many record keeping products out there, what distinguishes Homeschool Tracker from the rest in my mind is the customer service and flexibility of the program. In fact, Homeschool Tracker PLUS is so flexible, that it can sometimes be intimidating due to all the options you have. Many software programs have you adapt to how the program works. Homeschool Tracker is the opposite. The program adapts to how you homeschool. If you were sitting in a room of Homeschool Tracker users, I could guarantee that few will use the program the same way.

From the moment you purchase Homeschool Tracker you get amazing customer service for the lifetime of the product. Updates? You get them, FREE. Online support training? Gotcha covered, FREE. Online training videos available 24/7? Of course. Support Forum where you will learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about tracker and more. Yes, and it’s active. If Katie doesn’t get to your question first, at least 3 other satisfied Hometracker advocates will answer on her behalf.

The Plus program features are extensive, to say the least. You’ll want to visit the website where you can see screenshots of the features but I will summarize my personal favorites:

1.) The attendance calendar keeps track of the number of days and hours of study your child has. I love this feature because it not only helps me keep on track, but there is something very rewarding about looking at a calendar with our homeschool hours logged so neatly and “officially”.

2.) The Reading Log allows you to keep track of the books your children read. Simply type in the ISBN number and you are on your way. Tracker fills in all the necessary author info automatically. If you are particulary organized, or suffer from a case of chronic library fines, you will appreciate the feature that reminds you when your books are due to be returned.

3.) My all time favorite feature is the School Year Calculator. You simply enter the date you want to start school, the date you will end school, enter the minimum number of days you are required or wish to hold school, check the days you will hold school, enter in your vacations, holidays and time off. While you are making your selections you will see how many days above the min you have available. When you are finished the program will automatically divide up your school year into terms.

4.) The Weekly schedule allows you to enter those activities that repeat, such as gymnastics or ballet class, and they end up in your assignment list automatically.

Michelle of Journey Home is the Homeschool Tracker Giveaway winner- congrats!

Would you like to win a copy of this amazing program? To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below. This contest will be closed Friday, December 26th at 10pm EST.

Karin Katherine is a proud stay-at-home mother of four who feels blessed to be the mother of 5 year old fraternal twin boys and two daughters, ages three and 4 months. As someone who never changed a diaper until she had children, Karin is surprised by the fact that she has been changing diapers for the past 5 years straight with no end in sight! As the 7th of 8 children, Karin feels blessed by her average size (in her mind anyway) family and wouldn’t mind a few more– God willing and her husband notwithstanding. Her biggest homeschooling dream is to one day homeschool across the United States in an RV. Please visit her new blogs Mommy Matters and Passport Academy.

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