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One thought on “Kids and Social Media: Pros and Cons

  1. I have 3 daughters (17, 14, and 3) none of whom have social media pages as of yet. The middle child is begging me mercilessly for one, the oldest has more or less just given up by now. Sadly, I feel that I may need to give in and provide a great deal of monitoring ( for the 14 yr old- the 17 yr old is old enough now I believe to take care of things responsibly on her own). Let me explain why. My 17 yr old with her summer job as a lifeguard was asked if she was on Facebook because that was how the manager notified her guards if the pool would be closed due to bad weather for the day. One of our highschool’s graduating seniors kept in contact with the college he will attend in the Fall and with his advisor via Facebook. Our own church and church sponsored camp haave Facebook pages. I fear it is something I will have to deal with eventually and learn how to monitor well. My plan should I decide to “cave” is to create contracts – that state that they will not post any “malicious” or degrading comments on their pages or anyone else’s pages, and will immediately remove such comments from their own pages if posted from someone else, etc; rules regarding posting of pictures, time limits. Most of all that if I have to take away the account, that it is over, because it takes a “small act of congress” to remove a Facebook account , then you almost don’t ever get to create one again – so they have to take it very seriously.