Less is More

Homeschooling has exploded over these past few years and everywhere I turn there is MORE. More books, more programs, more co-ops, more conventions, more ways to “do it right.” There is more of everything! Yet are we better off with more? Or does it distract us from the task at hand? Are we so busy doing it all, buying it all, organizing it all, that we are forgetting why we are homeschooling in the first place?

Are we busy posting, pinning, and tweeting? Or are we on our knees seeking the Lord? Are we busy researching the best curriculum, learning styles, and methods? Or are we seeking first His will for our family?

Simplifying has been my mantra for many years now. I once thought more was best. Now I know less is best. I was so busy running around trying to plan, organize, and make the best homeschool, I was not actually homeschooling anymore. I was chasing the world. I then knew the Lord wanted me to stop, and give it all to Him. Let Him lead this homeschool, and in doing so getting rid of many distractions. This homeschool was between Him and my family- He was the One I needed to work for.

Less stuff means more time for doing real things. Less stuff means more time for looking into my children’s eyes during school, rather than being distracted. Less stuff means more Jesus. I can trust God to equip me. I must keep my eyes on Him and trust Him to do so.

It is a blessing to have available at our fingertips so many resources. Yet they easily become a distraction, and soon an idol. We are so busy keeping up with everyone else, that we lose sight of our goals in homeschooling. Keeping our kids at home for their schooling is about so much more than just academics. It is discipleship. It is relationship building. It is preparation for life. We simply need to trust God to equip us with exactly what we need, and seeking Him first in all we do.

It means trusting God over Google. It means trusting God over the latest curriculum craze. It means simplifying so we don’t lose focus on our main priority, which is to raise our children with God as their foundation.

Yes, less is more sometimes. Less of ourselves…less of this world…and more of Jesus.

Karen DeBeus is a homeschooling mom to four children and a devoted wife to the love of her life. She is passionate about educating others about homeschooling and encouraging families along the way. She is the author of Simply Homeschool: Having Less Clutter and More Joy in Your Homeschool, an eBook written to encourage moms to put God first in their homeschools. She writes about her thoughts on simplifying all areas of our lives on her blog, Simply Living…for Him where her goal is to encourage others to put God first in all they do. Simplifying is about getting back to the basics and reducing the physical clutter in our lives, as well as lessening “mental clutter.” www.simplylivingforhim.com.

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