Let’s Finish Well

You know it’s coming.

March, April and May are nearly here. Which means the end of the school year is nearly here.

Don’t feel bad for being excited about that, by the way. You had years of practice anticipating the end of every school year while you were *in* school … before you became the teacher/lunch lady/bus driver/guidance counselor/librarian/janitor/principal/curriculum specialist.

Your kids are getting itchy, too. And so are the curriculum companies. Which means that your mailbox will soon begin to bulge with the latest and greatest in old and new products designed to make next year your best year ever.

They promise.

Can I ask you to do the impossible, dear mom?

This year, when the new catalogs arrive, glance at the cover longingly. Say a prayer that you can find them later. Because then, I think you should do a radical thing: put them away.

You see, here’s the problem: it’s not really the end of the year yet. Which means that you actually still have to go through February, March, April and May before you can be done with all the curriculum you already bought.

It’s a sad truth, but one we’ve all gotta face.

You want to know a secret? Last year, you were giddy over the things you’re tired of right now. Because if you’re anything like me, you might have a slight tendency to assume anything different is automatically better. The truth is that anything worth doing takes a lot of effort. And effort makes you tired.

So you’re tired, dear mom! You’re tired not because your curriculum is bad or your children are terrible or your husband doesn’t help enough (though any or all of those may be true at any given time.)

You’re tired because you work very hard. You’re tired because you’re pouring your life into your children. You’re tired because you’re wearing all those hats I listed at the beginning of this article, and who wouldn’t be tired from all that?

What we’re in need of here about the beginning of February is some good old stick-to-it-iveness. We need to buckle down and finish what we’ve started. We also need to make sure we’re not putting too much emphasis on the school-ish aspects of our homeschools to the detriment of the home-ish parts, and becoming cranky and grouchy because of that.

We need to pull out some books and read together—all of us. We need to make some playdough and take some walks in the woods and watch some movies together. We need to hit the museum and visit a fire station and find wonder in something with our children once again.

We need to finish well.

“Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.” Galatians 6:9

Misty Krasawski is the overly-blessed mom of eight children whom she homeschools in sunshine-y Florida. She has been clinging ferociously to the hand of her Lord since she was knee-high to a grasshopper, homeschooling for the past thirteen years, and has eighteen more years ahead of her with the children who are glad she will have done most of her experimenting on those who went before. Her wonderful husband Rob has much treasure laid up for him in heaven for having been called to such a daunting task. After the house goes to sleep she can sometimes be found gathering her thoughts at www.encouragingheartsathome.com.

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