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As a child I had a small record player and a collection of classical music on 45s. (Yes, I’m that old.) For hours on end I would listen to wonderful orchestral pieces such as “Peter and the Wolf” and “Swan Lake.” The music would transport me from our tiny house to worlds far away on adventures that I would make up in my mind. The music became a soundtrack to my childhood stories.

Naturally, as a mom, I have wanted the same musically creative outlets for my children. That’s why I was so impressed with Maestro Classics.

Combining stories with music, Maestro Classics offers children their own musical experience. Using professional storytellers and actors, Maestro Classics brings new and old stories to life. What makes Maestro Classics so wonderful is that the soundtrack for the stories are provided by the world famous London Symphony Orchestra. Each CD contains several songs and stories that are all centered around a particular theme.

Maestro Classics titles available:

  •  My Name is Handel: The Story of Water Music
  • Peter and the Wolf
  • The Story of Swan Lake
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  • Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
  • The Tortoise and the Hare
  • Casey at the Bat
  • The Soldier’s Tale
  • Juanita The Spanish Lobster
  • Carnival of the Animals

Maestro Classics is the product of the husband and wife team, Stephen and Bonnie Simon. As the former Music Director of the Washington Chamber Symphony at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, Stephen Simon is also a famous symphony conductor. Bonnie Simon has also been deeply involved with the Washington Chamber Symphony as the former Executive Director of the organization. Biographies of this talented duo can be found on the Maestro Classics website.

Homeschoolers will be especially pleased to find detailed coordinated homeschool curriculum for each of the Maestro Classic products. Using the website, a single Maestro Classic CD can quickly become a fun and educational unit study for your family.

And speaking of the website, the Maestro Classic website itself is really a great site. Click on the “music and life” tab to learn of the importance of music in the home. This page is also filled with hints on how to increase listening experiences for your children. Kids can identify instruments to win a “prize” and parents can find links to other music education websites filled with games and lessons plans. The Kids Club section has musical puzzles, games and a link to find Maestro Classics on Pinterest. Over on Pinterest, the Maestro Classics board is filled with ideas such as how to make homemade instruments, musical games to play and lots of other great non-musical educational ideas.

My family and I reviewed “Juanita the Spanish Lobster.” The story itself is a new story that we were not familiar with, however the storyteller drew us in immediately. We thoroughly enjoyed the London Symphony Orchestra providing the background music. Juanita is a lobster who wants more out of life, but in the end learns to stay in her place. Personally, I did not really enjoy that ending of the Juanita story, however the musical background, professional recording quality and the coordinated online homeschool curriculum made up for it.

Music can touch a heart and make the imagination soar. Learn more about Maestro Classics at

Maestro Classics is also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and You Tube.


Pamela has been homeschooling her kids since 2005. She has visited 41 states and 16 countries and now calls the beautiful Pacific Northwest home. A bookworm who is homeschooling teens this year, Pamela is determined to actually read all of the books she owns. Pamela can be found with her nose in a book over at Lavish Bookshelf.

Pamela received a complimentary copy of Juanita the Spanish Lobster in exchange for an honest review but the opinion in this review is all hers.

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