Make A Light Hut!

As we wind down our school year, I’m trying to stay true to my word of keeping up the learning during our summer break. In order to prevent what I call Imboreditis, I’ve informally planned a variety of learning activities throughout the summer.

One of those activities will wrap up our study of botany. Therefore, I’ve enlisted “The Dad”, to help the kids and I create an indoor greenhouse – one that simulates the sun 24/7. Our Exploring Creation With Botany text, details the making of exactly one of these little greenhouse boxes – deemed The LightHut.

The LightHut consists of a cardboard box, lined with tinfoil, and a simple spiral fluorescent light bulb suspended from the ceiling of the box. The light stays on 24/7, simulating the sun. This is a quick and easy way to start seeds indoors and is basically a miniature version of a sun hut, which can be seen here. In this environment; however, the seeds require more frequent watering. As not to let my reputation of being a fish killer supersede me, I must inform you that I have also been known to be a plant killer. My thumb is not green – it’s kinda brown, like the color of dead plants. Sooo, in order to save face, I have charged the keeping of the plants solely to the girls, with a stern warning NOT to depend on me – ‘cuz that’s the kinda mom I am.

The girls have planted a variety of herbs and flowers, and with much prayer, er – ahem – confidence we will anticipate success. Our botany text, Exploring Creation With Botany, also provides an easy and safe way to make soap using some of the herbs grown in this experiment.

How do you plan to keep the learning alive (or at least maintain a pulse) during your summer break? Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment section. Imboreditis can set in at any time, so be alert and be sure to read up on the symptoms here. If you can positively identify three or more symptoms of Imboreditis, then quickly administer a good dose of creativity.

Warning: positive side effects may occur.

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