Middle School Bible Study Journals by Tim and Michelle Eichner


Middle school can be tough, even for parents trying to find appropriate homeschooling curriculum choices, including Bible study. Kids that are middle school aged are really too old for a Bible study designed for younger kids that might include coloring pages, word searches or some other activity that a middle schooler might deem to be “babyish.” On the flip side though, kids in middle school really aren’t old enough for some of the teen Bible studies that might include some very “adult” topics.

Stepping into those precious middle school ages is Hearing God’s Voice: Journal for Students by Tim and Michelle Eichner.

The Eichners specifically created Hearing God’s Voice for middle school aged kids. The journals are designed to meet ‘tweens right where they are at. Each journal is a 12-week Bible study where kids read one Bible chapter per day. Upon reading the daily Bible chapter, the middle schooler answers the same particular questions each day. The questions included in the journal are open-ended and insightful, allowing kids to adapt the Bible readings to their own life experiences.

Visually, the journals are really eye-catching. The pages are colorful and hip. Blank pages are also included in the journal to give kids room to record their daily thoughts and prayers. At the end of each week is a summary page that allows kids to reflect on lessons learned throughout their journaling. To sum up the entire journaling experience, kids will find a special activity page in the back of the journal. This conclusion activity would be a great project to allow kids to outwardly express what they have learned over the 12-week Bible study.

A Leader’s Guide is also available for Hearing God’s Voice. While the Leader’s Guide is small, it is an important addition to the journaling process. The Leader’s Guide is filled with suggestions on using the journals with your middle schooler or in a small group session for a middle school youth group. It also explains the Eichners’ purpose behind the journals and contains questions to help lead middle schoolers in positive discussions.

In my house, it really did seem that these journals are perfect for the middle school years and perhaps even into high school. Both my middle schooler and my high schooler loved the open-ended questions and the hip look of the journal. Homeschoolers could use these journals as a Bible study curriculum, plus these journals would also be great for use in a small youth group.

If you are looking for a Bible study for your middle schooler, take advantage of this learning opportunity designed especially for the important ‘tween years!

More information on the journals and the Leader Guide is available at the Eichners’ website, Leading God’s Generation.

Journal sample pages can also be viewed online.

Hearing God’s Voice – Proverbs and Psalm 119 — suggested first study
Thinking God’s Way – Philippians, Romans 12, Sermon on the Mount

Doing God’s Will – James and topical passages
Knowing God’s Word – Ephesians, Psalm 139
Claiming God’s Promises – Topical passages
Having God’s Heart – Character study of David


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