Moms As This Year Begins Find Your Rest In HIM

Moms, stop right now and give yourselves permission to rest. Yes you heard me right–Rest! If in any way you are feeling stressed out right now planning and organizing for this upcoming school year then your eyes are not focused rightly.

Your focus should not be on your books, curriculum, lesson plans, or school supply lists (though those are good things that need to be done) but instead it should be rightly focused on Christ and what He did for you. Have a problem connecting what Christ did for you and stressing about home school has in common? Let’s take a quick look at this and I know it will help you remain at peace amidst the chaos of being a homeschool family.

It is no surprise to God that you are homeschooling. He has written all of your days in a book. He has hand crafted each child uniquely and knows exactly what they need. He even gives us the promise that we cannot mess up our children because for those He loves He actually predestines to be conformed into the image of Christ through all things, even our mistakes. The pressure is off. God is bigger and He is in control. His sacrifice on the cross for our behalf has finished all the work that has to be done. So we are free to make school choices in faith. Think about how God made your child and make a choice in faith at what will work best for them.

Because of Christ’s sacrifice for us that keeps us hidden in Christ. He is our refuge and when we keep our eyes on Him all other things fall into place. He tells us if we keep our minds fixed on Him He will give us peace. He is the Prince of Peace and it is in Him you will receive everlasting, true and permanent peace. No matter the circumstance you can stand firm in this peace. When you start to feel stress creeping up then it is signal for you to know your eyes are coming off of Christ and onto the world. Readjust your focus and walk in that rest that only He can give.

Surrender your agenda to His who controls all things. In Him we can do this because He cares for us, He adores us, and loves us completely. He will show us how to work this all out and walk in peace as we homeschool.

Angela Parsley, of the international ministry, Refresh My Soul MInistries(please change link to, is a wife of Tony and homeschooling mother to her 3 children. Two biological and one by legal custody. Angela is a self-published author of many Bible studies through the ministry of Refresh My Soul, so that quality resources can be provided free of charge

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