My Job Chart: A Review

Pinch me now! Thanks to a wonderful website called, my own kids have been transformed.  Lately my kids have willingly done the dishes and vacuumed the floors. In fact, yesterday I actually caught the kids outside in the yard pulling weeds! Who are these kids and why are they doing chores around the house without having to be asked first?

They really are my kids and they really do love a great website called

How Works! from Gregg Murset on Vimeo. is an amazing new way for families to assign jobs around the house and reward kids in ways they respond to best.  Kids complete chores to earn points. Putting the ownership on the kids, the children are responsible for logging on to the website so points can be tracked. These points can then be exchanged in three ways:  money to be put in to savings, money to be donated to charity or money used to purchase a reward.

The best thing about is that the use of the website is FREE! All user accounts and use of the reward tracking data is all free.  And recently financial expert Suze Orman chose as a “Revolutionary Family Resource” for its innovative use of technology to teach valuable money skills. Talk about a heavyweight endorsement!

As with any website, parents should use caution when allowing children to use the internet. allows children to choose their own rewards, with special emphasis towards items that can be purchased on Amazon.  Children accounts do have internet filter safety features such as not allowing direct click-throughs to Amazon. However parental accounts do have full internet access to sites such as Amazon, so passwords should be protected.

On, each family has one main account that each individual family member can access using their own unique name and password. Parents are given controls, but kids can have a voice in which jobs and what rewards can be used.

Communication is key for making work in your home.  An important feature for your family account is the email option, found in all parental accounts. Parents can choose to be notified immediately when rewards are earned, to send notes to your child via the family message system and a whole host of other email options. For now though, both parents must sign up for the exact same email option. This did pose a slight problem in my home. I like email and love all of the communication information that provided.  My husband doesn’t like email and didn’t want every single email I had signed up to receive. We have had to compromise on email notices since there is currently no way to separate parental emails. Hopefully in the future each parent can individually pick what level of email subscription they desire.

Also, parents and kids do need to work together to establish job point values and rewards to be earned. For example, my teenager immediately wanted his big reward to be a laptop which could be a satisfying and well-deserved reward for a teen.  However, while use of the website is free, obviously in the end it is the parents that will be purchasing the earned rewards.   Guess it’s time for me to start saving money for that laptop my teen is earning?

You might have tried sticker charts in your home before but usually the magic of those rewards seems to leave pretty quickly.   Young preschool kids might find a sticker chart exciting, but motivating a teen with stickers is just not going to happen.  Give a chance and you too might find your kids pulling weeds or cleaning the bathroom without being asked.

Pamela Swearingen has been happily homeschooling in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for several years now. Pamela’s kids are transitioning into middle school now and the lessons in their homeschool (and in life) are getting very exciting! Books, unit studies, notebooks, and nature journals are all part of their homeschooling week. She truly feels that God has blessed her family with the opportunity to homeschool and her goal is to inspire other families to homeschool greatness by pointing them in the direction of some really great books, resources and field trip ideas. Her homeschool reviews and suggestions can be found at and all of her non-homeschooling reviews are located at

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