Review – A Child’s Geography: Explore His Earth

What a tremendous pleasure it was to review this incredible geography resource! Ann Voskamp has done a marvelous job in creating a geography program that is appealing to both parents and children alike. A Child’s Geography does not read like a textbook at all, but has a living literature flavor. Delightful to read, I found myself hungering to see what was on the next page.

The chapters are a reasonable length and Ann encourages us to split the chapter work into two sessions. She suggests reading the main adventure text in one session, followed by a short time of note-booking. Don’t panic…it is not complicated! This is simply where your child records what he has learned in a postcard to send home! The next time we gather for geography we might complete the “Reaching Out To His World,” section along with a “To Fun to Resist Excursion.” (See below)

Written for grammar students, grades one to six, each chapter includes opportunities for:

Narration – Ann has written Memory Joggers to help your young student narrate the material.

Notebooking – After the selection is read, the child records a few things he/she has learned onto oversized cardstock. (Templates are provided.)

Reaching Out to His World – This is where we learn about the people who live in God’s world. How might we love them? Is there anything we can do to help and encourage them? Here we find weblinks and resources to learn more.

Reading Lists – These additional books are entirely optional, but do include quality literature if you and your child would like to learn more!

To Fun to Resist Excursions – These are nothing more than fun (and optional) hands on ideas with complete instructions. All of these activities seemed to call for readily available or easily attainable materials. This is a big plus for busy moms!

Copy Work – Located in the appendix of the book are wonderful examples of copy work which include definitions of geographical vocabulary, Scripture, names of places with Greek and Latin meanings and Hymns. There is enough variety in these examples that a parent can easily choose an appropriate selection, no matter what grade level. (In other words, there are short, medium and more lengthy selections available.)

Review Questions – These will be helpful in keeping the material fairly fresh as we progress through the course. I see them as prompts in refreshing memory as the parent and child discuss the material.

Topics covered include: our planet, upper and lower atmospheres, continents, oceans, seasons, climate and weather, structure of the earth, plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes, latitude and longitude

A Child’s Geography: Exploring His Earth is written from a Christian viewpoint and fully supports the magnificence of God in His creation. Ann Voskamp brings an element of wonder and awe as we see Him on every page. This is an exciting resource and will add quite a dimension to our studies this year!


Yvonne Ferlita, married for nearly nineteen years, is a homeschooling mom to four children from kindergarten to high school. She has been blessed with eleven years of grace filled homeschooling. She strives to follow Christ in educating her children and prays that it is to His glory. In her blog, Yvonne shares many of the lessons God teaches her as she and her family learn Christ everyday. She is truly grateful for grace! Visit her blog, Grateful for Grace.


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