Sensory Assault

In the theater, we sit in anticipation of my daughter’s very favorite movie series. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings are current obsessions of my sweet girl. She loves these stories, the video games, Legos, and movies. This was an exciting time for her.

When the movie finally starts I glance over at her expecting to see a facial expression of extreme joy but instead I see her rocking back and forth, fingers in ears, with her eyes glued to the screen. My heart sinks. It is so hard to live in this world when your senses are continually attacked.

I carry earplugs because at various times this occurs. I put myself in her shoes the best I can; however I cannot know exactly how hard it is to live in a world that continually attacks her senses. I whisper prayers. God knows.

My problem is, because I forget that she has these issues that can pop up unexpectedly at any time, that I forget. I look at her and see a girl who is just like everyone else most of the time. Nothing about her looks different and most of the time she forces herself to not act different from others; however it is an intense struggle.

As the mother to this child I try to be prepared for her sake. I try to understand. I try not to worry. However the only real thing that helps me is remembering she is a child created in the image of God. She is the blessing that God gave me when He knit her together in my womb knowing all her quirks. Knowing the One who loves her completely created her is enough for me to know it will all turn out OK.

As she learns to adjust to this world, we are reminded not to get too comfortable. Daily we are reminded this is not our home. Our home is in Heaven where nothing will hurt us anymore. All smells, sounds, sights, tastes, and touch will be perfect. Until that day we wait and adjust, thankful for the reminder that this is just a journey to our final destination.

We are also reminded that Jesus left all of that perfectness in Heaven. He was also knit together in his mother’s womb. He willingly emptied Himself for this place and us. He is the visible image of the invisible God. He had His own quirks, which were not sin. He lived the life we could not by keeping the law perfectly. He took huge assaults on His senses when He was crushed for us. The wrath we deserve He took fully upon Himself anyway because of His love for us. For trusting in what He did, we are now free.

Now living in the period of waiting until the King comes back for us we can trust that anything can be endured because He loves us and understands our pains, even sensory assault. He took all things for us on the cross; we can never experience anything worse. If this is the thing that is used in my daughter’s life to help her continue to look to Him, longing for home, then it is a blessing. I need to be reminded of this truth daily. Because of Him, we can be thankful for any trial that comes into our lives if it drives us closer to Him; including sensory assault.


Angela Parsley – Encouragement and Special Needs

Angela Parsley describes herself as an ordinary girl loved by an extraordinary God! She is a coffee lover to a fault, mother of 3 children ranging in age from 5 – 12, and wife to an amazing husband, author, and Bible teacher. She spends her time managing her family but in her free time she likes to write at her blog You can also find her at Comfort in the Midst of Chaos, a special needs blog and Life Letter Cafe, an encouragement blog.


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