Unit Study: American Girl

We all probably know one girl in our lives (our own daughters and their friends or another relative) who has an American Girl dollIn our homeschool, we’ve done a lot with the American Girl dolls (from the Pleasant Company).  My daughter has quite a collection and she still loves them as much as ever at eleven years old. I’ve taught… Read More

Hearing a New Perspective

Do you have songs that just stick in your head? Ones that you just can’t shake, no matter how hard you’ve tried to get rid of them over the years? It would be here that I could remind you of jingles such as the Oscar Meyer Weiner song and send you merrily humming away….but that would be mean, so I’ll… Read More

State Geography Studies

When we pulled our oldest son home from public school half way through first grade, we didn’t have a lot of homeschooling materials or fancy curriculum. Our one goal for him at that time was to reestablish his love of learning which had been quickly and efficiently squelched by a traditional classroom setting. Mostly we read books and adopted a… Read More

Geography Products Round Up

This month, our review roundup features educational products useful in teaching Geography. Learning Resources U.S.A States & Capitals Bingo A great way to learn about the United States names, capitals and abbreviations. A fun way to drill and review. Bingo cards are double sided. One side features state names (outlines of state and state name) and the other side features… Read More