Teachable Moments in Spanish

Spring is in the air! Can you smell it? Flowers are blooming, birds are singing and the sun is warming our days.


W can take advantage of this teachable moment to introduce or review some color words  in Spanish. I made a domino to review colors with my niece and a set of Spanish colors posters for you!


My goals for this lesson:

  • To introduce and practice colors in Spanish
  • To relate colors in their oral and written form


Tell children they will learn the Spanish form of these words:

Red / rojo

Blue / azul

Yellow / amarillo

Orange / naranja

Green / verde

Purple/ violeta

Light blue/ celeste

Pink/ rosa


To prepare the posters you need to print them onto cardboard and laminate for durability. Then..

*Go for a color hunt around home or class.

*Let kids cut and paste pictures from old magazines and make a collage. Ask them about the colors they can see in their pictures.

*Play “I spy” using the posters.

*Invite children to sort manipulatives according to color.

*Make a mural using their favorite color.

* Ask and answer “How many red/ rojas things can you see?”

* Using commands..”point to a yellow/amarillo flower” “pick up a green/verde crayon”


Teachable moments are waiting for you! Happy teaching!


You can download the posters here.


Analia Capurro is the designer and owner of Ingles360.net® and the author of all the educational resources sold in her website. After 20 years of teaching children she found that the only way children love learning is if teachers love learning and teaching, too. Promoting a learning environment where laugh, fun and friendship and companionship are as important as any language structure, are the things she had in mind while designed her bilingual resources.

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