WARNING: The Effects of Homeschooling

Disclaimer: This may not be suitable for all parents.

The effects of homeschooling vary greatly from household to household but be forewarned that they are often drastic and undeniable.

Take for instance the new found desire of a homeschooled child to photograph each and every insect for the sole purpose of identifying them. It has been said that in homes across the US, children are learning to classify insects, rocks, and animals at alarming rates and it doesn’t stop there.

At a home in LA, just this past month, a child learned all about Native Americans by reading literature, studying tribes, and of course, reenactments. Here he is with his tee pee which is the home to the Wichita and/or Native Americans who lived in the Plains.

Now this homeschooled child knew the dangers of fire because he was taught fire safety early on. Instead of a fire he, hold on to your seats, pretended that he had a fire by dropping dirt over the top of his pile of leaves and sticks which made it appear to be smoke. This delighted his mom since she knew that he was well aware of where to find the matches and could have easily started a real fire. Now one might find this inconsistent with the public school’s view of how a child makes discoveries and thinks for himself but this child’s parent is more than OK with his way since it does not involve sexual education classes, peer pressure, and bullying. Besides, he appears to be a happy, well-rounded child wouldn’t you say?

But again, the negatives are that now this mom must use an abundance of household cleaners to remove the dirt and debris from this sheet or she will have to toss it into the garage for later use. Which I might add is where approximately 4 other discarded sheets are now located.

This child was not always so adventurous and independent. After all, he did attend public school for 1.25 school years. During that time he was teased, failing, and succumbed to staying in his room for hours on end doing nothing but staring at the television. Upon his removal from the school system his mother found that their relationship had actually improved and that his vocabulary became shy of a few undesirable words, if you know what she means. He is also much more outgoing and less angry now. He is a very pleasant child to be around.

Here is yet another example of what happens to a child when he is allowed to think for himself.

Imagine this: You are standing in the kitchen preparing dinner when out of the blue you hear “crick, crick, crick, crick.” You glue your eyes to the entry way as you begin to wonder what could possibly be making that noise.

Then it reveals itself.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No! It’s… A RO-BOT.

This child read a short book on simple machines and all of a sudden he has this desire to be a robot? OK, so most little boys have that desire anyway but would he have known how to do this if he had not researched it? Yes, this 6 year old knows how to research. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true.

And here we are with their latest purchases using their allowance. They actually bought pirates, Blackbeard and his cohorts to be exact. I had the pleasure of listening and watching as they played out a scenario they had learned about in history, complete with the amputation of one of Blackbeard’s arms.

On another note, these unsocialized children have been caught giving pointers to middle aged, stay-at-home moms in grocery stores. One incident in particular involved a box of cereal, a coupon, and a lesson in division. “See, you get it on sale for $2.50 and the coupon is a dollar off. So it is $1.50 for 12 oz. This big box is $2.98 with the coupon and it is only 18 oz. It is $0.17 an oz. The other one is $0.13 an ounce.” This was all said with a smile and a calculator but he is only 8 years old.

Yes, these unusual little people have succeeded in a homeschool environment where they were doomed to fail in the public school system. Thankfully this isn’t the case in all towns across the country since there are obviously some fantastic school systems elsewhere. They just aren’t here. Besides, this mom says her time with them is too precious, their days are full of fun and she has full control over every aspect of their learning.

Are homeschooled children better than children in public schools? Of course not, we are all equal. But, this lifestyle certainly does demand some respect and a little less criticism. For some parents the option of a good public school isn’t there and for some families like this one, it wouldn’t matter if it were.

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